Empire State of mind

New York was fun, crazy, lovely and a manic roller coast ride with the best girls. We refused to realize we should be grown up and did everything we wanted and a little bit more. Between tequila bingo, helicopter over Manhattan, seeing Brooklyn from Jonathan’s boat, brunch party at Bagatelle, swimming in the Boom Boom Room pool and dice night we realized that 30 is the new 20. Or something. Anyway, we used and got used by NYC yet another time.

More to come, I’m not even near done with scruffy back alley clubs and late night parties. Until life actually get in my way I think this is what I need from time to time, loosing myself in the fun of doing everything that gets in my way. NYC I will be coming back soon.

 First night, very excited for tequila bingo

 Sanna and maggie too. Michael just had to ride our wave.

 Amazing Tortilla Flats

I won! A t-shirt, a canned beer and a carbine for Oliver. And tequila shots for the team. Best win ever

 The day after I was a bit tired. So I stayed home and cooked the girls dinner with our jewish funeral candles.

 Maggies bday! She was woken with balloons, macaroons, breakfast and singing.

 Happy birthday girl.

We walked down to the bridge for a morning in the sun.

 Then to Freemans for lunch. Yum, artichoke dip.


 Maggie’s big surprise – she took us helicopter over Manhattan. We were very glamorously dressed.

 Statue of Liberty from the sky.

 The new twin towers.

After this to red Rooster in Harlem. Super cool place. 

 The day after was Rose Bar and Boom Boom Room. S and F glammed up!

 We went to a BYOB place and drank all the Zubrowka while nibbling on some sushi. No wonder we ended up swimming in the ‘clamydia’ pool in the BBR.

 After Rose Bar, swimming and numerous shots we went to a bar to play billiard.

The dedication to the game was a bit so so.

 Went for night food instead and had the place dancing to gagnam style with us.

 The day after was the dice night. We started at Back Room on Lower East Side and the first drink was a tequila… followed by a tequila…followed by an absinth. All according to the dice.

 That’s when you look this happy.

Next place was a mezcaleria but we won and only had to drink mojitos.

 and that makes you THIS happy.

 On the way to the next place the girls met a horse. Think it was more about sobering up.

 At Yaffa caffe we diced  – very scary…

winning! we ended up having to down a milk. I think that saved our asses.

 Last place was sing sing. We sung karaoke until 4 in the morning and then we decided to go home and not go to the next 5 places on my list.

 Saturday morning we were tired. Went to Williamsburg and bought vintage leather jackets. Ate at Rosita and tried to survive the blasting sun.

Met Jonathan and ended up going to his boat (or rather ferry, the place is gigantic. He has made rooms for 10 people to live on it.) Sanna and Filippa went home but Mags and me stayed for talks, vodka and guitar and ending by calling Billy.

I connected with the cat Eskimoe. Ugly and smart, like that in a mammal. Cats aren’t really my thing but what’s not to love about one that claims Hesse’s Siddharta?

 Sunday – last day, last drunk and has to be done in style. Went to Bagatelle for afternoon booze brunch.

 With the gigantic drink we got on it in minutes.

 The party lights helped, felt as disconnected to anything normal as you feel after 6 days straight of drinking.

 The Maggan and me.

It’s just something about gigantic multi coloured straws that gets the party a little bit better.

Maggan owned the drinking.

 The champagne was brought in by girls riding on shoulders, At this point I was more fascinated by the couple next to us. It was the man, his wife, their daughter and the mistress all having a ‘happy’ brunch while getting smashed.

 Wasnt easy to hear anything. Didnt stop us from trying. I agreed to everything she said.

Flattering party light for our puffy faces.

 Filippa was very keen on the shot and the Aya napa feeling.

 When the brunch was over we bought Halloween outfits and went to Catch. It was all dressed up and fancy, we werent. They looked less than happy we were there but the american hospitality let us stay.

Until I took it a bit too far

 Didnt stop us from having fun and ignore the fact they’ve started asking us to leave
and talk about the important things in life. 

 Last but not least – the Beauty Bar. The guys got manicures and we ate Mac’n’cheese

Last day in the sun. Tired, bloated and happy.
Best week with lots of new memories to keep you warm in the old people’s home.

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