Trick or treat

Grumpy like an old beaver in the mornings. I blame the jet lag. Might also have something to do with the London grey outside the window. As soon as I’m up, showered and dressed I perk up, beaver is replaced by giddy school girl.

Friday and Julia is in town. We are getting Halloween uped and then off to Olivers birthday drink at the Shop. Seems like a cool place, mainly because you can buy pretty much anything in there. I hope someone will feel generous to Ol since it’s almost his bday and buy him (us that is) something nice.

Tomorrow Halloween party. I want to be an unicorn. Will probably end up being a vampire but happy anyway.

Here’s some pictures from when I celebrated Oliver

I sang the swedish birthday song and wrapped his gift in tin foil. It was a toy plane, we are going to Berlin.

 I also ‘baked’ him a spectacular cake – a gigantic chocolate ball flattened out into a patty. He is one lucky bastard.

 To make Ol happy me and his family took him to weird performance art exhibition.

 and then for food. Good shit.

 Sunday was even more art. At the Frieze art fair. The gigantic birthday candles were cute.

 But it went downhill from there. Plate in turd?

 Boob/panty hanging

 Pink walruss

My favourite – disco ball hanging. Want this in my living room.

Exhausting. Ended with awesome pistachio macaroon.

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