Amongst cheerleading vampires, pig heads and skeletons

Amazing weekend! There is something about the mix small, blonde best friends and fancy dress that is irresistible. After work on Fri met up with my little Julia and we crammed in a quick catch up before drinking drinks out of jam jars at The Shop for Oliver’s bday drink. Drinks should always be served in jam jars!

Saturday was one long lead up to the evening’s Halloween party up East. We got on our best vamp gear and spent the evening dancing juiced up on redbull until there was nothing left in us at a pub in Halloway. When Ol and Julia decided it was time to go home at 2 I grumped like a kid since I wanted to go on forever but realised it was for the best when I met Jules for breakfast at 10.30 the day after.

Magical weekend. Sad to see the little one go home but equally happy i got to have her for a weekend.

 Wear something pink for breast cancer day at work. Didnt haven a camera for Friday evening so this is all i have to show for getting drunk out of jam jars.

A vampire riding the tube. The man next to Oliver dont look to psyched about it.

Elin and Tom had made a spectacular job with their face paint. Julia wore red lenses. Crazy shit.

Ben was just disgusting…

Me and the little one. She still looks young and healthy, nothing like my aging 80’s vampire.

I understand Oliver’s slightly scared looking face. It aint no picnic dating an old rock and roll vampire.

Pretty fucking amazing!

Why not. A pig’s head in a trolley.

A 20’s vampire and poison Ivy.

After Julia left Oliver and me had a lazy sunday. He drew, I read vampire filth. As we do on sunday’s.

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