I walk the streets of this city with boots on my feets and leather on my back

Good week so far. Chilly but sunny in London and I’m kicking leaves in my Dr Martens and looking oddly twin peaks inspired with my new leather jacket. Not too tired from the weekend and looking forward to both Magnus and Christoph being in London over the weekend.

Yesterday went to the movies and saw Beasts of the southern wild. Amazing movie. Had me crying and wanting to move out to a shack in the woods. There is few things better than the feeling after a really good movie. We got offered to see a screening of a movie tonight. Hell yeah, free cinema!

Today carrying good things with me by listening to this years first christmas songs and dreaming of being at my country house all geared up for Christmas.

 Made us omelette last night. Only half done here, had a great baked hue after being done in the oven. There is lot of food i’ve brought with me after detox. According to Sanna they are all following my detox at her work, im a detox guru (haha, i laugh at myself for that. Me – the sweeties king) (you can see the horrible bacon tray in the background. Ed’s tray he keep redoing bacon on without cleaning. On bad days it floats around the kitchen like it had a life on its own)

Gym at lunch. Already now planning for all the Christmas goodies. Mmm, ginger bread dough. Magnus said he might bring me some from Sweden. Epic!

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