Goodbye London, Hello NYC!

Knowing myself I wont update over the weekend or when Im in NYC so goodbye everyone, a week of gluttonous decadence lay ahead of me (I said that to sound cool, we’ll probably eat salads and feel way too hang over for two nights in a row)

Before that celebrating Oliver’s bday tomorrow (I’m so excited about my gift) and tonight going to late night Tate. Kix laughed when she heard that – how the mighty have fallen. Late night museum rather than late night nightclub. I’m rocking it with a bunch of middle aged ladies.

Broken hearts and vegetable soup

I went to Kix for dinner yesterday. It was Kix, Lisen, Zigster and me. A proper girls night (zig is kind of like a girl) and we made soup, talked about boys and laughed until our stomach’s hurt. There were also sweets, lots of them and plans for karaoke night a Blue Nun. I decided to pretend not to hear that until I’m back from NYC.

 On the tube these 3 guys came and played happy music to everyone. They were really good and all of a sudden I could see a smile spread across the faces near (that dont really show in this picture, everyone look murderous. Boring people. I smiled and the girls next to me danced).

 Zigster slept all through the evening. Found himself a favourit spot. Cheeky bastard.

Lisen put an end to her relationship once and for all. They guy took out the big guns and tried to make up for weeks of being a twat by using the big words. Lisen ended all of that by saying ‘Anyways, I gave your hoodie to a homeless man’. Epic!

Happy rainy thoughts

I went out with work for a drink yesterday. I dared my stomach to see if I could handle it. I could, drinking vodka and not too much worked like a charm, no signs of unhappy stomach. I call that a win!

We were out for a couple of hours meeting lots of old Unibet heroes since Lisa was in town. And some new ones. One of the mobile guys were so drunk he fell off a chair. A bar stool. Straight to the floor. He also dropped a beer into someones bag. He looked a bit gloomy this morning.

Coming home from my social evening Oliver cooked me food. Im so spoiled. 

We met again. Vodka i like you.

Taking a walk under my blue umbrella during lunch. It poured, I walked anyway.

Now heading home to Kix for soup and a cuddle with the Ziglet. And important talks about life.

Anything could happen

Coming up to the surface for air after a year living under water I see that there is so much to do out there. All of a sudden I’m excited. I find myself again and that part of me that dream and make up plans.

I’ve been baking more the last month than ever before. Things that excite me, home made cookies and granola’s, I write things that make me smile, I plan games and parties and I feel creative helping Oliver’s mum out.

It’s something about that feeling. Realizing you can again, that you want to dream and act.

There is still a bit left. I still dont feel very social and Im happiest at home collecting the pieces of me. I do love seeing my friends again though but new people scare me a little. Im not sure how to behave.

Im allowed to take it slow, to let it take its time. I know that now.

Yes, life keeps happening around me

London is beautiful today. I went to the doctor for a blood test this morning and on the way to work I took a walk through the park. Stunning! A start to the day that makes me believe.

In less than a week im in NYC with the girls. We are celebrating Maggie, dancing all night, drinking tequila and playing bingo, walking around in our prettiest clothes and meeting new people. Im so excited I can barely think about it.

Before that Im planning on enjoying every minute with Oliver and suck in all the energy i can for winter. Like a bear going into hibernation. I need all the positiveness I can collect so that I can live on that all through the dark months.

 On Saturday we went up to Golborne road for street food. Sitting in the sun eating freshly grilled fish felt like holiday.


 Oliver photographed Hanne. She looked like a dream.

 Our bedroom became a Studio.

 I snuck out to hang with the guy being back from Sweden eating a mountain of chicken.

 The rest of us werent so healthy.

 Sunday was spent in bed for the most part even if I could see the sun outside the window.

Monday night I came home to the remnants of what look like a better house party. It was just Eds phot shoot featuring a girl dribbling water melon all over herself.

 Yesterday feeling energized so while cooking for Oliver and me I also made granola. Nu sugar but still so good. Chewy. There are both figs and cherries in there. I have definitely found my preference before anything you can buy in the store.

 The cleaner had been there and the flat looked pretty. I forbade Oliver from dethroning (ha, i just saw this – I wonder who I dont want Oliver to dethrone? I think what i was trying to say was that i dont want him to destroy the peace and tranquility)  for at least one night.

 Morning walk. London was showing off her best side.

Everything fell into place

TGIF – my morning started with a message from Kix with that message.

I agree even though this week have been a really good one im looking forward to a lazy weekend. After seeing the doctor tonight I’m meeting oliver for dinner and tomorrow is x-factor and eating evening with Kix and her siblings.

I hope the doctor say im all dandy. 

Thinking about it im very happy its weekend soon. Tomorrow morning Ill just sleep.


I take it back! I didnt mean it. Im not having a good day…

….stop trying to bring me down…

giving me my period unexpectedly so i bleed through my trousers is cruel

breaking the bag with my lunch on my way from the shop so only the salads and not the apples fall out leaving me not noticing is just low.

Northern Lights

I feel very happy today. Wearing jungle trousers fighting London grey. Life is plain and simple good at the moment. Booked X-factor night with Kix on Saturday, asked Oliver if he wanted to come and he answered ‘I love you but i would rather stab myself in the eye than watch X-factor’. Too bad for him, he is missing out.  Tompa is here as well and we’ll wallow in sweets and shit TV.

In less than two weeks im off to NYC and before that celebrating Oliver’s bday. Looked through pictures from earlier NYC trips yesterday – we’ve had so much fun. I think this time will be no different.  I’m hoping for happy memories with my girls.

Filippa sent over two pictures from summer. Love them but still looking forward to hats, scarves and coats you feel like a parisienne artist in.

Surviving detox

One more week of detox. Wonder how my body will react when back to normal. Admittedly the only things i stay away from at the moment are refined sugar and alcohol, that is hard enough though.

Made chocolate balls with cane sugar and sesame seeds yesterday. They were nice. There are a way to stay away from shit things without having to sacrifice everything.

Tonight watching Anna Karenina.

 Chocolate balls with sesame or coconut flakes

New rain boots. Not raining today though. Fail.

Soft autumn light

I felt light this weekend. Light and happy. Held hand with Oliver, kissed cold autumn kisses and thought that my life is wonderful. Like waking up.

A weekend of happy birthday smiles. I saw Nat, beautiful in green, drink Gin & Tonic with a mustache straw and Ed being so proud of being by her side. Walked around in an outdoor, indoor house with brick walls and bright shining star finding Ben and Candice making plans for their future. Candice dreaming of picking flowers, pregnant. Met Oliver’s friends and thought about moving up East.  Birthday boy Tom had a happy drunken smile.

Long slow morning in bed, homemade granola and egg sandwiches. Took a walk and made a painting inspired by Sara. When it’s her birthday you have to paint bananas. The spray paint fumes made all of us think we were kings and queens of the world. Except for Zig, he hid.

Another slow morning. Beautiful drawings in the Serpentine, more kisses and dark brown eyes. Oliver painting me and me looking at him. Ended the weekend with a movie eating this years best cherries in the dark.