Between yesterday and today

I was not the only one feeling a bit rough yesterday. All the girls were struggling and towards the afternoon there was lots of moaning after cake. Andrei being a true saviour (or just tired of hearing us go on about it) decided to go to up and bring us a cake.

He was greeted as the saint he is

Look at this thing of beauty!

Eating cake and looking at the sunset I survived this day as well.

When i finally came home I got met by Oliver in ballet dancer hair cut. He got sad when I made fun of him so i decided to take his mind of it by nail-ing him. No wonder he ran off to work instead of my charming company.

Bright, shiny ice cold morning. Lovely. I’m wearing my new shoes and my fur feeling all cosied up and warm.

Coming in to the office Ivan came with a bag of trinkets and all us girls could pick what we wanted.

I picked two little things to make me look pretty for the future.

Surviving a hang over

Struggling today… Not really hung over (only vodka sodas) but tired. Maria team were good, we were here at 9 this morning, the Unibet people are starting to stumble in now. We are so the kids at front of the class room (yeah, i kind of hate us to).

Survival strategies:

Crisps! So good and absolutely essential.

Salty food! Both potatoes and meat.

Hung over shopping on the sale. Bought a new pair of boots. Why not. Now my vampire filth in pdf form online. Sweet!

With heads twirly with booze and empty stomachs we danced and danced and danced

Christmas Party at work yesterday. We left the office early and went to Merike’s for bubbles and fix. That mainly consisted of gossiping about guys (Beckham do so not do it for me), listening to old 90’s music (man that makes me feel old) and eating crisps.

Once at the party they kind of forgot food. Finger food and open bar resulted in carnage – around midnight people were stumbling around, falling on their faces and washing the floor with red wine. (Honestly, whats up with guys after a certain alcohol level?)

I took a walk home (to clear my vodka soaked head) and got greeted by a man telling me he was going to introduce me to ‘the black family’. I politely ignored him and finally got home for a snack of hard bread and dough.

Tired today – look a bit like a bloated chipmunk.

The happiness when Backstreet Boys were played on TV (not so sure about Johanna though, maybe she is too young to appreciate the greatness).

Kristy really fancied Beckham…

Boys. Suddenly the place were filled with them all smartly dressed up. They didnt dare to sit close, felt a bit like a school disco. I was waiting for someone to come up with a greasy hand filled with sweets and offer me a punch pralin.

Fancy bathrooms. The only place to sit down. Boring to spend the night in there though so I took my sore feet and ventured back to the dance floor for some busting moves with the girls.

However, had to catch a picture of my back cleavage. Open invitation for wandering hands apparently. I haven’t that much skin och skin contact with my colleagues like ever.

Pretty ladies. Flavour of the night was black. Hulya was stunning in Maria red. No wonder the boys kept hovering around these two beauties on the dance floor (if by ‘hovering’ you mean ‘madly groping and grinding’)

Proof! Jonas was there!

Another set of black clad ladies.

Not so perky today.

Only 4 more weeks to Christmas

For those of you who dont know this about me (between my dad and my few friends reading this that would be no one) I have an almost unhealthy relationship to Christmas.

I start talking about it ‘being here soon’ in September, start listening to Christmas music in October and at the moment I’m in full on Christmas mode. Yesterday was spent with gingerbread dough in one hand and a chai tea in the other in the light from my Advent star. Sweet!

Being in a relationship with the Grinch makes this all the harder but I cope by pretending he is not there if he dares to question Glee – the christmas album and happily hum away anyway.

Tonight Christmas party with work. They are so on my page with this.

Also, this years best Christmas song Calexico Green Grows the Holly

Fire walk with me

Drama at the office yesterday. The fire alarm went off and thinking it was just a drill everyone took their time. Once outside there was 4 fire trucks and we found out it was an actual fire on the second floor. Just a tiny one and no one got hurt. Instead we had coffees (as in chai tea) and got a 45 min break out in the cold and rain.

The fire man waved at me. Dont they have anything better to do than pose for the camera (which we know they dont from all our travels abroad posing with various officials – best is the Brazilian police men from the german drug story)

The Christmas transformation is complete. A gigantic Christmas rose live in our living room. I celebrated by watching Glee and eating ginger bread dough.

A weekend of birthdays

Eric turning 30, Lisen turning 20 and Fiona turning fabulous. We’ve been touring the country side, eaten endless amounts of cake and sung Ja må han leva to a 90 year old women. I would call that a roaring success as birthdays goes.

 On Friday we went to the newly opened Eat Tokyo in Hammersmith with CJ and a friend of his. Delicious dinner and the obligatory photo taking on the way home.

 Saturday morning we all met at St Pancras and then headed of to Rye for Eric’s birthday lunch.

 They had a fire place

 and mulled wine (however, they had no idea how to make a white russian….)

Kix and Oliver talking about important things (you can see that in Kix’s determined jaw)

 Flavour of the day was checked shirts on the guys and leather trousers on the girls.

The house we were an old 17th century building that had low ceilings, original paintings and open fire places.

 Slightly shitty picture of the birthday boy (it looks good on the camera). He got a chelsea cake and an ipad from all of us. And about 8 shot. His dad started looking slightly worried around the 5th one.

 Back to London and off to the next one – Lisen leaving her teens behind. She had made an amazing cake to celebrate this. We gave her a sambucca.

Matching the lipstick with the cake. Good skills.

 Eventually Oliver dragged me off for night food. Apparently this is what they eat in Japan. I like my burger better.

 On Sunday we celebrated Fiona.

 I gave her a swedish butter knife and an osthyvel witth a dalahäst on.

The we went to the National Museum

 And saw this little guy amongst other things.

 Dinner at an Indian, Oliver ordered this green drink. It tasted of curry, not even he could finish.

Once home i finally got to eat my ginger bread dough. Straight out of the package. As always.

Christmas came early this year

Kix and me went to the Christmas market in the Swedish church yesterday. It was just like home – we started by downing a glass of glögg to get traditionally tipsy and then we scouted the perimeters for essentials. They didn’t have saffron buns – FAIL! they did however have a lot of life saving Christmas decorations to make me feel I’m almost back in the motherland.

Glögg and pepparkaka. Kix is on a white month – glögg do not count.

Godis!! I didnt buy any. Talk about growing up…

All sorts of tiny (over prized) santas. And ladies in traditional clothing. When i get old I want to be one of the Christmas market ladies.

We were in heaven also known as Santa land.

The only thing that held us back was money. Apparently you cant buy it all.

The crafts were very pretty.

Elsa Beskow… I wish I had kids I could buy this for.

Kix’s tiny hands. They are tiny. Like little sausages.

Once home the Christmas decorations started. Couldnt wait, excusing it with going home a week early and therefore kind of earning this week. Oliver had to help with the complex set up and then help Kix via phone. We’ve never said we’re practical.

My newly bought Advent candle holder. Lovely. They even had the moss and the mushrooms. This makes me so happy.

Tada!! A perfectly made up Christmas home.

Dinner was tunnbröd and räkost. Hell yeah!

13 going on 30

Yesterday something incredible and almost magical happened – Oliver had borrowed 4 girl movies and said I could choose any of them to battle the last couple of days troubles.

Any. Of. Them

Girl movies…

He should never have let the devil in. 

I jumped on it. We ate at the Havelock, i bought myself a big bag of grapes and then cuddled up with the projector in bed watching 13 going on 30. Awesome! It was pink, girlie, fairy dust-y and filled with happy music. Oliver managed to keep quiet until the last scene when he let out a groan ‘Do the house need to be PINK?’

Yes Oliver, the house needs to be pink, that shit’s important.

Tonight Christmas market with the Kix.

When the snow flakes start falling I will dance

Oliver and me have this other blog project where I write and he takes pictures – The Respond. It’s slow for us to get updated and we need to work on it but I really like writing a little bit longer posts.

At the moment we are trying to find the tone of the blog (we as in me, Olivers images will always be slightly depressing) so if you have any comments please let me know. I’m trying to balance in that middle ground between not too hippydippy dreamy and girl magazine ‘fun’ and it’s not easy…

Other than that I breathe autumn and rain, hide in black and grey and dream of Christmas.