Christmas came early this year

Kix and me went to the Christmas market in the Swedish church yesterday. It was just like home – we started by downing a glass of glögg to get traditionally tipsy and then we scouted the perimeters for essentials. They didn’t have saffron buns – FAIL! they did however have a lot of life saving Christmas decorations to make me feel I’m almost back in the motherland.

Glögg and pepparkaka. Kix is on a white month – glögg do not count.

Godis!! I didnt buy any. Talk about growing up…

All sorts of tiny (over prized) santas. And ladies in traditional clothing. When i get old I want to be one of the Christmas market ladies.

We were in heaven also known as Santa land.

The only thing that held us back was money. Apparently you cant buy it all.

The crafts were very pretty.

Elsa Beskow… I wish I had kids I could buy this for.

Kix’s tiny hands. They are tiny. Like little sausages.

Once home the Christmas decorations started. Couldnt wait, excusing it with going home a week early and therefore kind of earning this week. Oliver had to help with the complex set up and then help Kix via phone. We’ve never said we’re practical.

My newly bought Advent candle holder. Lovely. They even had the moss and the mushrooms. This makes me so happy.

Tada!! A perfectly made up Christmas home.

Dinner was tunnbröd and räkost. Hell yeah!

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