A weekend of birthdays

Eric turning 30, Lisen turning 20 and Fiona turning fabulous. We’ve been touring the country side, eaten endless amounts of cake and sung Ja må han leva to a 90 year old women. I would call that a roaring success as birthdays goes.

 On Friday we went to the newly opened Eat Tokyo in Hammersmith with CJ and a friend of his. Delicious dinner and the obligatory photo taking on the way home.

 Saturday morning we all met at St Pancras and then headed of to Rye for Eric’s birthday lunch.

 They had a fire place

 and mulled wine (however, they had no idea how to make a white russian….)

Kix and Oliver talking about important things (you can see that in Kix’s determined jaw)

 Flavour of the day was checked shirts on the guys and leather trousers on the girls.

The house we were an old 17th century building that had low ceilings, original paintings and open fire places.

 Slightly shitty picture of the birthday boy (it looks good on the camera). He got a chelsea cake and an ipad from all of us. And about 8 shot. His dad started looking slightly worried around the 5th one.

 Back to London and off to the next one – Lisen leaving her teens behind. She had made an amazing cake to celebrate this. We gave her a sambucca.

Matching the lipstick with the cake. Good skills.

 Eventually Oliver dragged me off for night food. Apparently this is what they eat in Japan. I like my burger better.

 On Sunday we celebrated Fiona.

 I gave her a swedish butter knife and an osthyvel witth a dalahäst on.

The we went to the National Museum

 And saw this little guy amongst other things.

 Dinner at an Indian, Oliver ordered this green drink. It tasted of curry, not even he could finish.

Once home i finally got to eat my ginger bread dough. Straight out of the package. As always.

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