Double fail!

A day of epic fails! I woke up this morning to the news that my parents gift, that i’ve spent a lot of time on, wont be delivered in time. It will be delivered on the 24th alright but to Oliver, in England.


Also, Olivers gift is also delayed so I have now asked them to send that to his mum hoping it will get here in time for our mini Christmas the 28th.

Fail. Again.

After last years bag failure and snow storm I have no hopes whatsoever that the time at Stansted will be any more pleasant. But, eventually I will touch ground in Sweden and be home. Snowy, wonderful Sweden.

Cant wait.

The Christmas jumper winner

You know the Christmas sweater campaign I never participated in yesterday. Well, my colleagues did and here is our winner.

I think Satay is a worthy winner (with his Rudolph nose that actually flashes)! I helped him with some merchandise yesterday so we are now best buddies. And that was before he won the competition – i have a nose for winning people (yes sanna ‘alexander lukas’ wendt, im talking about you)


Maggie sent over her pictures from our cozy London weekend. Looking at them I’m very happy we managed to have as easy a weekend as we did. It was lovely to have all of that time not feeling tired and hung over.

Our door. Notice my advent star in the window. When Oliver gets famous this will become the museum of his early life.

Happy bang bang. How can you not when you have a day on the town with your best friend and boyfriend.

Broadway market

Turkish delight look way better than it actually is… it looks awesome though.


Street art

 I decided to carry the Zig so that he would look small enough for us to take into the pub (and since i needed some dog loving)

 It worked! Ziggy ran around and ate all the dropped food and we drank alcohol and got tipsy.

 Lisen and the Zig.

 This is our ‘look how well behaved we are’ picture.

So nice to have her here, miss my Mag when she is not around.

 London’s prettiest Christmas tree.

 Saturday night baking. Kix is trying ‘to make love to the dough’.

And the infamous scrabble game. That we won. Just saying….

The last quiet days before the whole shebang

Quiet times in the office. Everyone is in holiday mood. Me and my boss stare at numbers and I dream nightmares of getting an excel spreadsheet for Christmas. Today is ‘Christmas sweater’ day at work, Im not wearing one. So much for holiday cheer.

More than anything I keep looking at fedex and the weather for packages and snow. I cant do Christmas without them. Oliver is in Milano and Ed and me eat disgraceful food (me – sandwiches with shrimp cheese and Ed pizza) and hum along at home. They are talking about England getting 2 weeks worth of rain today and tomorrow but it hasnt started yet.

Tonight Im seeing Kix at mine (yes folks, that is the first time Kix is to come see me after me living there for 5 months) and we’ll exchange gifts. Hers is small but I’ll hope she’ll be happy.

The day before the day before the day before the day before the day before the day before the dippareday!

Less than a week to Christmas. Woohoo. And less than 4 days before i am in Sweden.


I am getting overly excited. Spoke to my mum and dad yesterday and I miss them. Keeping track on the snow – so far so good, looks like a white Christmas, and are waiting for the last of my xmas gifts to arrive.

Yesterday I went to Kix’s and got meatballs cooked for me by Lisens mum – felt very homey and was inspired by all the Christmas decorations. I even got a Christmas gift to bring with me home.

At the moment trying to stay away from all the chocolate floating around the office. Hard work.

 No snow in London. 10 degrees and sun. Not too shabby.

Glittery Santa in a car on my gift. Kix housewife side is going over board… Love my little santa man though.

A city filled with Santas

Last weekend in London before Christmas. It was 10 degrees and sunny. On friday night I went out with work for ‘one’ drink. Told Oliver I’d be home for dinner. At 3 am in the morning I stumbled home. It was a fun night…

Saturday had a slightly slow start but we managed to head into town for lunch, meeting Jonas for a coffee and fight our way through the crowds of central London oddly filled with Santas and men in Christmas sweaters.

Sunday had everything you could wish for – long walk, pizza, The Killing in bed and sitting for 2 hours on a hard chair when having your portrait painted.

Santa con. Central London filled with drunk Santas. Also something to do on a Saturday (just wish no kids saw that)

Oliver taking pictures – a sunday tradition

Middle of December and its 10 degrees and sun – there are some perks to living in London.

I wore english country get up. Tweed, riding inspired leather boots and knit sweater.

On the way back it was so flooded we needed to take a detour. Other people were a bit more clever about it.

Oliver decided to end the weekend by painting my portrait. Pretty bang on except for my slightly evil mouth. I was pretty tired at getting ‘träsmak’ by this time so maybe my mouth reflects my thoughts of revenge.

Before the weekend comes

Drinks at Dani yesterday. She made a nice mulled wine version of warm apple juice and vodka. Tasty and lethal. I had to leave and go for dinner with Ol at 10 to not be a complete wreck today.

No plans for the weekend – first time in a very long time. I’m thinking long breakfast and the last of the Christmas shopping.

Also, booked New Years (flyer below). Think it will be one hell of a party, at least that is what im planning. Making up for all the quiet time for the last year.