The last quiet days before the whole shebang

Quiet times in the office. Everyone is in holiday mood. Me and my boss stare at numbers and I dream nightmares of getting an excel spreadsheet for Christmas. Today is ‘Christmas sweater’ day at work, Im not wearing one. So much for holiday cheer.

More than anything I keep looking at fedex and the weather for packages and snow. I cant do Christmas without them. Oliver is in Milano and Ed and me eat disgraceful food (me – sandwiches with shrimp cheese and Ed pizza) and hum along at home. They are talking about England getting 2 weeks worth of rain today and tomorrow but it hasnt started yet.

Tonight Im seeing Kix at mine (yes folks, that is the first time Kix is to come see me after me living there for 5 months) and we’ll exchange gifts. Hers is small but I’ll hope she’ll be happy.

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