Maggie sent over her pictures from our cozy London weekend. Looking at them I’m very happy we managed to have as easy a weekend as we did. It was lovely to have all of that time not feeling tired and hung over.

Our door. Notice my advent star in the window. When Oliver gets famous this will become the museum of his early life.

Happy bang bang. How can you not when you have a day on the town with your best friend and boyfriend.

Broadway market

Turkish delight look way better than it actually is… it looks awesome though.


Street art

 I decided to carry the Zig so that he would look small enough for us to take into the pub (and since i needed some dog loving)

 It worked! Ziggy ran around and ate all the dropped food and we drank alcohol and got tipsy.

 Lisen and the Zig.

 This is our ‘look how well behaved we are’ picture.

So nice to have her here, miss my Mag when she is not around.

 London’s prettiest Christmas tree.

 Saturday night baking. Kix is trying ‘to make love to the dough’.

And the infamous scrabble game. That we won. Just saying….

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