Glad Lucia!

As you saw from my pictured from yesterday its kind of winter here in London (It will be 9 degrees and raining tomorrow though.) but I cant keep myself from dreaming of a proper white Christmas.

I looked at Oliver with stars twinkling in my eyes yesterday talking about how the snow glistens in the headlights from the car on the way to Julotta on the morning of the 25th and how it looks when Santa comes walking over the snow with the lantern swinging from his hand.

Christmas is that little bit more magical with snow and my country house turn into a fairy land with little kids in too big overalls screaming of glee on the sleighs and long walks in the silent, white forest. More than anything I love getting up on Christmas morning with snow crystals on the window and head down for breakfast with my family eating heaps of sandwiched with Christams ham, cheese, meatballs, liver pate and everything else you indulge in over Christmas.

I’m keeping a close look at the weather…

Also,started this morning with some Lucia songs from my old University smiling at this picture form my sister.

We had stars in our eyes and bubbles in our heads

A couple of nice pictures from the Christmas party with work. Mine, being taken in the bathroom, weren’t as nice as these by a proper photographer. I would still say mine have more personality though…

 Me and my former boss Ebba

 Me, Jossan and Silvija. All dressed in black, it was the theme for the night. Pretty much all the girls showed up in black. Only way to pull that winter pale skin off.

 Caught in the act on the dance floor. Hard to look non flustered and normal then.

 Us girls again

Silvija, me, Kristy and Merike. After this i gave my bubbles away and went for the vodka. The nature of my life without wine.

Baby, it’s cold outside

Got a message from down under yesterday. Laxen and Nat had sent a Christmas card of Santa without clothes. Pretty far off from the reality of -4 i woke up to this morning.

Beautiful out though and i took a walk during lunch to get my first proper feel of winter. In the middle of the city you cant see it but further out there is actually some snow.

Frozen spring flowers. Poor london trees dont know if it’s proper winter.

A frozen spider web. I was looking for the poor spider but he seems to have survived.

My favourite lunch break walk. A little bit of nature and suddenly its fine to go back into the office afterwards.

Fully dressed in my fur. Its broken so i cant button it but it’s the warmest i got. Felt like a winter wonderland princess.

A weekend with the Mag

I had the pleasure of having my little Mags here for the weekend. Amazing! Especially since this was the first time…ever… that we managed to have a quiet weekend together. If that isnt being mature I dont know what is.

 On Friday we took her to our local polish. It’s like visiting a little old ladies living room and having her serve you vodka.

 A+ on the christmas decorations.

 I had ‘dress like a boy’ theme on work. So i did. I was also slightly hung over.

Maggie woke at 8. We went up at 10 to a fully fixed breakfast. Sweet! After indulging in a breakfast fiesta we went to Broadway market to meet with Kix and the others.

Poor Ziggy wasnt all that happy about being carried around. Unworthy!

 Pretty christmas tree.

 After all that market-ing we decided to go to a pub for wine and vodkas. We sent this to Laxen, Kix really wanted to show him how much she loves her wine.

 Also that we cam be crazy ass kidzzzz without him.

In the evening Mags and me went for pizza at Franco Manca and then xfactor and baking at Kix’s. Very english, very grown up.

 On sunday Mag, me and Ol met in the match of the century. We won. Nothing more to say.

 I also baked some ginger bread decorations for our christmas tree. I didnt have any forms so i took what i found at home. They are all round.

In the evening dinner at the Oak with some friends of Maggies. So far so good. Then we started drinking hot shots. So close to the perfect, quiet weekend and we failed on the last bit. Oh well, we arent dead after all.


I just had the best ‘i carried the watermelons’ moment*

Walking down to buy lunch I had a man in his fifties from my office building walking behind me. We had a brief exchange of words:

Proper looking man in his fifties: You are so spectacularly tall

Me: yeah

Proper looking man in his fifties (looking slightly dumbfounded): But you already knew that

Me: yeah

After that – awkward silence. I could almost see him mentally slap himself in the head.

* From the movie Dirty Dancing. Baby gets approached by the guy she fancies and can only answer ‘i carried the watermelons’. Its the definition of obvious sayings.

It’s me and Martha

Pretended to be an old fashioned house wife meeting Martha Stewart yesterday (potentially practicing for our future in Barnes) and made Jansson’s Frestelse for our mini Christmas work dinner today. Pretty proud of myself! I chopped those potatoes and wipped that Frestelse up like there were no tomorrow.

Bam, bam, bam

Ol came home to his own, straight out of the oven, pot of Jansson with extra anshovies (can I hear the cheer)

I also started on Mum and Dad’s Christmas gift (are you excited) and had a long and lovely talk with Bella. I feel like superman at the moment.

 Two pots of Jansson’s. What was left when the boys were done with the other one.

 Ol was a gentleman and gave Ed the last of the pot.

 I also warmed up some saffron buns and served with knäck (nah, i didnt have them sharing 1, we actually ate 6 but they were too damn quick for my camera.)

Wearing my baubles today.

A trip up to the land of good food and weird music

Ol and me ventured up to darkest East yesterday. I hid in my fur and tried to look like it was fake. Ol’s refined features gave him away from the start. We started with some Vietnamese pho and ice cream. That gave me enough strength to survive the ordeal of all the weird music/people.

To be honest, it wasn’t all bad. Seb’s band was really cool and at least the first israeli band had a cool back story (they had got out of doing the military service since their dad was high up and now they were touring the world with their music).

We gave up half way through the last band – milk and biscuits. They were actually pretty cool but i failed out, got tired and wanted home.

 Look at that smug face – i take it the pho was satisfactory.

 Lucky Dip – 3 ice creams in one. Mysterious and weird.

 Just as we like it.

 The israelis, not sure about their music and it was only us in the audience except for their three weird friends. I clapped when they were done even if I dreamed of holding my ears. It was loud!

Sam helped Seb’s band Flight of Helios sing an old english folk song about Jesus drowning three kids. Why not.

King Cucumber

I dont know what goes with this autumn/winter but the weather seem to be amazing all the time. Another one of those pretty, sunny days and I took a walk during lunch with breaths all the way down to my toes.

Tonight Ol and me are heading up to East for pho (win!) and his friend Seb’s band playing. Maggie is coming for the weekend so we’re taking a night on our own with a romantic setting of Asian food and weird music.

 My boobs are chillin around on Oliver’s mums web site Damson. Good thing im not too busty. The site looks great though after the updates. Have a look, it’s very sweet jewellery. I love the pearl ball i wear here.

 Enjoying the amazing weather. I’m very jealous of the snow at home but it is quite nice that it’s 8 degrees and sun.

Look Dad, my Norwegian colleague came with sweets. Seiman!

Started watching danish the killing as well. It’s good even if they speak danish. I’m worried it will rub off on Oliver. He is making progress. Nowadays he calls himself ‘Kungen Gurka’ – king cucumber.