To Oliver

Just want to say I love you. Lots! Love my life with you and I’m so happy that I’ve managed to gain control of my issues so that you and I can spend our days being happy between bed, restaurants, long walks and dancing.

Thank you for your patience with me, that you understood even if I behaved like a raving bitch and for trying to make me smile even when you must have been so tired and scared of me being sad all the time.

You are amazing. You are smart, fun, very clever, handsome and so curious of life. I know I laugh at you sometimes but I think you are amazing in how you throw yourself into things and experience everything around you. I feel a bit grey in comparison but it doesn’t matter, we live life in different ways and I choose to be impressed rather than intimidated (easier that way, I just cant compete with your energy).

I love your face on the pillow when you sleep and how you always hug me in the morning or wake when I wake in the night to comfort me. I love how you never fail to take care of me if I need it but also come to me when you are sad and say ‘make a fuss of me’. I love that I need you and that you can allow me to be strong for you.

I’m very happy being with you and when I see that smiling girl in the mirror I know I have you to thank for most of that.

2 thoughts on “To Oliver

  1. This text almost made me cry. Happy tears. Out of sheer joy. Love you guys and you deserve all the best – ie each other. Very handy. //XX Julia


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