Bowling and pink sparkly birthday cakes

Monday…again. It feels like it’s always Monday. Must have to do with that thing that we feel negative things much more than positive. Therefore the week consists of about 50% Mondays and only 5% Fridays. Statistically proven.

Anyway, as Mondays go this is a pretty rocking one. Weather was lovely this morning and except for my initial feeling of dead this morning I’m actually quite sparkly today.  Lots of meeting and then home. Said no to going to see a depressing movie about torture ‘with no human sentiment’. Feels like a good call, my boyfriend can enjoy himself on his own with that one.

Friday and bowling up north. Dress code was ghetto fabulous, I went for prim and proper school teacher. 
Awesome place. Drinks were 2.70 each and music was old school 90’s (yes, Vanilla Ice was played)
Candices birthday. She got the awesomest cake eve! A pink bowling bowl with sparkles. Cant get better than that for a princess.
The gang. There was 20 of us drinking jägerbombs and bowling (in that order). 2nd time around i won over Oliver, I will never let him forget that. After this me, Oliver, Candice and Ben went out for some dancing to 4 in the morning. So worth it.  
On Saturday Buzz and knytkalas at Kix’s. Sunday came with a walk in the park (once we got out of the house) and dinner at the japanese. Oliver painted the tea pot while I had to entertain myself on my phone. Think it’s payback for all the times I’ve played bears.

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