Nature vs me

Lunch time walking. I was contemplating the dice game night with my colleagues in East on Sat, what I’m going to wear to Jonas Mad Men party, dinner, Our Sri Lanka trip, stories, work and all of those other things that keep flying through your head when it’s a bit grey and cold but you can still feel spring around the corner.

They were planting Christmas trees in my park. I thought that was cute and is wondering if they will be dressed for Christmas. I also took some ‘real’ pictures with my new camera. Hope Ol is proud of me. The men working there laughed at me when i photographed their gear. Oy wey, the trials of being a photographer.
Daffodils! Spring is almost here. They have barely come up yet but they still twinkled at me like little happy suns.  

Hip hop dancing clowns

Oliver and me watched an interesting documentary yesterday – David LaChapelles’s Rize. It’s about these clown groups in LA. Clown groups are young kids that instead of being on the streets and in gangs are hip hop dancing clowns…

Hip hop dancing clowns!

This might sound stupid but its actually really cool. But, to every trend there have to be the hard core ones, here they are the krumpers – the slightly more bad ass dancers that started as clown dancers but are now more fierce and wilder and krump instead of clown (yup, those are the official words for what they are doing.)

We also went to the pub and had food to celebrate the Ol shot his first real ad job in  rainy, cold London. Go Oliver!!

Damn, more shopping…

When i bought that stuff from Cocosa I actually forgot I had bought this pretty dress from Asos. I’m a fail. I have now put a shopping ban on myself for both Oliver and me (yes mum, I will save the rest of my money this month)

Pretty dress though and will look stunning on me when i…hrm…not sure when I’ll use it but I’ll think of something. Maybe i can pretend it’s a 50’s dress and use it at the Mad Men party? Or just use it anyway and stare angrily at anyone who think I’m not playing the part.

Childhood memories

Hehe, Sanna sent me this today and it gave me a laugh. Reminds me of all the times Dad made us go cross country skiing when we were younger and as soon as there was a hill you fell. Always, without a doubt.

I do remember loving it when I was little. Me and dad (I guess baby bro was too young) with a chocolate bar and some sandwiches going aaaall the way into the forest. One specific memory is that we (probably that was just me) needed to rest before the turn even coming in to the forest. Cant have been old with tiny little legs.

Skiing with my family is one of the best memories from being young (even if mum didnt ski she always went with us and welcomed us home after a day on the slopes) since you get to feel so grown up and part of the adult world. You did it together and Dad always had patience with us and he was so good good compared to us with our stubby little legs.

Anyway, even older, better skiers falls down sometimes…

Yoga tuesday and a home cooked meal

Went to the gym for the first time in months yesterday after my 2 months of virus infested winter.

In my training clothes (yes, neon) I felt like i could do anything. Then I went to the yoga and realized that after two years not properly stretching I cant do sh*t.  No one else could either though, they even had help blocks. Help blocks? I thought the whole point is that it’s supposed to be body beatingly hard.

The lady kept on chatting as well, my inner calm was seriously disrupted by the fact that she kept telling me about this lady with my name that was the first afro hairdresser in her hometown. I do feel pretty beaten up today though, where do these muscles come from?

When I came home from yoga yesterday Ol had made me pearl barley risotto – so spoiled. Then i went to bed and read while he was working. Sometimes it wins working in an office – especially since he is out shooting in the rain having to make it look sunny. Ha!

Great art comes from great ideas

It’s my baby cousin Kattis birthday on Thursday. She is turning 18. She was my golden haired little angel when she was little. She would always run up to me at the country house and throw herself in my arms.

 I hope she doesnt do that any longer, she is as tall as the rest of our family.

Anyway, Im sending her a birthday gift. I wont say what it is but it come with an amazing picture true to my arty nature

Hope she enjoys it…

Shopping…uh oh…

Went a bit over board sitting late at work looking at cocosa yesterday. Love that you can get the clothes so cheap there and that they only have a couple on things on sale at a time. Its not like Asos where there is just too much to look through.

Ended up buying gifts for both Oliver and me. Oliver’s strongest point isn’t shopping and since he’s been using the jacket and sweater I bought him from NYC pretty much every day i thought I’d pad out his wardrobe some.

This one i bought for Oliver. I think it will look really nice on him and he said he wanted a duffel and this will be perfect for spring. From Velour.

This lovely dress is for me (would have been a bit odd if it was for Ol) from the brand Society for Rational. Down to £39 from £350. Pretty good…


Baby Lisen is living the high life here in London. She is moving to Peckham on Friday (yes, the up and coming part of London now that East is run over by trendy media people in their 30’s) where ‘there are only wig shops and poundland’ and the parties go on until 10 the next day.

You could easily say she is taking us over in high speed on the cool factor (I find that comforting, now that i’m well i my 30’s someone else needs to carry the party torch) and yesterday she gave me my birthday gift – a banana necklace!! Not only has it been bought on Brick Lane (which people my age still find ‘the outmost cool and edgy of London life) but its also oddly flattering and a nod to the classic ‘Skaruhaenbanan’ painting* decorating our home.

I also had tapas dinner with the family, there are 5 of them in the flat now with cousin Madeleine on a 3 week visit. 


* The only time I’ve made anything remotely close to art 

Sweden booked!

First of all I’m going to Jonas 30th bday party in Sthlm on the weekend 15 – 17th of March with almost all the girls (yes, we will be dressed in Mad Men outfits) and then I’m going to my sister and her family for Nisses birthday on the 19th of march.

2 trips booked!!! Woohooo. Also Mum and Dad, Sanna and Maggie will be visiting before May. That is pretty amazing. At the moment im dancing weather dances to make sure its warm enough for the Magnolias to start blooming when my parents are here.

Rocking Monday!

The rest of the weekend

Since I’ve already reported the highlight of my weekend – celebrating Ben and dancing the night away here comes the pictures from the rest of this weekend in a cold London in February.

Friday Oliver and me cooked food together. I drank beer and Oliver did all the tricky stuff.

We made lamb mince with pistachio, egg and coriander. Very good and pretty quickly done. Especially since Ol did the cooking and I drank beer. Modern house hold.

Then we were an absolute disgrace and had cheese in bed while watching the final season of Battlestar. Every time we have a friday night in bed eating fest (not that it happens often..cough…) i think that I’m allowed since Im not our partying. The sum of your sins are constant.

Saturday morning we had breakfast late and ended up staying in reading books until it was time for East. Such a luxury when its snowy and mingy out. You can see my white horrible foot sticking out in the corner of the picture. Oh, how I long for some sun so my white cheesy feet can get some colour.

Oliver finally got some class to his reading. Who wants to read Moby Dick when you can read zombie romance?

On Sunday i was miraculously not hung over (probably due to Ol late night feeding of kebab – he’s getting clever at handling my hung overs that boy) and we ventured out for a 2 hour walk, visit to ICA to see Jurgen Teller (a bit too much naked for my fragile state. There was a women photographed with almost as horrible feet as mine) and then pit stop for Japanese noodles (their version of a kebab – i would say win on kebabs this weekend).