Thursday madness

Olivers dad celebrated his birthday yesterday. That called for a social smile and lots of turkish food. Sweet. I also drank wine for more or less the first time in 4 months. It went well. It was a light rose which always seem to work the best and only two glasses (kind of, Rupert is a notorious top upper). Seems like I’ll soon be back on form again, Hallelujah!

We were supposed to end the night at this cool music club were one of Ol’s friends were playing but at 11.30 we were done and went home instead. Gone are the days of late night dancing. Tonight we are shopping for a mattress on prime Friday AW time (my colleagues are trying to get me to go for a beer instead, I might have to postpone the mattress shopping to feel a sliver of youth in my body) and the rest of the weekend is a potpourri of theatre plays and exhibitions with Ol’s gran.

Dad, hope you are proud of your daughter NOT walking in your footsteps…

The uglifier strikes again. The birthday boy and a table of what looks like booze. Fitting.
Round two ugly style. Poor Miranda is trying to hide unawares that the uglifier will catch you and make you look even worse.
 My dessert. Photographed with Oliver back lighting with his phone. The joys of dating a proffessional
Ol’s dessert. I have an amazing video of this wobbly creation bot dont seem to be able to manage to upload it. In short, its very wobbly.
Ruperts girlfriend gave us a slightly late Christmas cake. Looks pretty, we’ll try our luck and eat it tonight. Kidz gone wild. 

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