The rest of the weekend

Since I’ve already reported the highlight of my weekend – celebrating Ben and dancing the night away here comes the pictures from the rest of this weekend in a cold London in February.

Friday Oliver and me cooked food together. I drank beer and Oliver did all the tricky stuff.

We made lamb mince with pistachio, egg and coriander. Very good and pretty quickly done. Especially since Ol did the cooking and I drank beer. Modern house hold.

Then we were an absolute disgrace and had cheese in bed while watching the final season of Battlestar. Every time we have a friday night in bed eating fest (not that it happens often..cough…) i think that I’m allowed since Im not our partying. The sum of your sins are constant.

Saturday morning we had breakfast late and ended up staying in reading books until it was time for East. Such a luxury when its snowy and mingy out. You can see my white horrible foot sticking out in the corner of the picture. Oh, how I long for some sun so my white cheesy feet can get some colour.

Oliver finally got some class to his reading. Who wants to read Moby Dick when you can read zombie romance?

On Sunday i was miraculously not hung over (probably due to Ol late night feeding of kebab – he’s getting clever at handling my hung overs that boy) and we ventured out for a 2 hour walk, visit to ICA to see Jurgen Teller (a bit too much naked for my fragile state. There was a women photographed with almost as horrible feet as mine) and then pit stop for Japanese noodles (their version of a kebab – i would say win on kebabs this weekend).

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