Childhood memories

Hehe, Sanna sent me this today and it gave me a laugh. Reminds me of all the times Dad made us go cross country skiing when we were younger and as soon as there was a hill you fell. Always, without a doubt.

I do remember loving it when I was little. Me and dad (I guess baby bro was too young) with a chocolate bar and some sandwiches going aaaall the way into the forest. One specific memory is that we (probably that was just me) needed to rest before the turn even coming in to the forest. Cant have been old with tiny little legs.

Skiing with my family is one of the best memories from being young (even if mum didnt ski she always went with us and welcomed us home after a day on the slopes) since you get to feel so grown up and part of the adult world. You did it together and Dad always had patience with us and he was so good good compared to us with our stubby little legs.

Anyway, even older, better skiers falls down sometimes…

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