Yoga tuesday and a home cooked meal

Went to the gym for the first time in months yesterday after my 2 months of virus infested winter.

In my training clothes (yes, neon) I felt like i could do anything. Then I went to the yoga and realized that after two years not properly stretching I cant do sh*t.  No one else could either though, they even had help blocks. Help blocks? I thought the whole point is that it’s supposed to be body beatingly hard.

The lady kept on chatting as well, my inner calm was seriously disrupted by the fact that she kept telling me about this lady with my name that was the first afro hairdresser in her hometown. I do feel pretty beaten up today though, where do these muscles come from?

When I came home from yoga yesterday Ol had made me pearl barley risotto – so spoiled. Then i went to bed and read while he was working. Sometimes it wins working in an office – especially since he is out shooting in the rain having to make it look sunny. Ha!

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