Ajöss och tack för fisken

Only a couple of hours more before I’m logging off and leave for 2 weeks in paradise. My only concern is that I’m very unmatched for the flight over – red, oversized hoodie, practical jacket and neon pink shoes. We all know that wont get you upgraded (right Sanna) as well as it makes me a bit sick being that un fashionable.

Other than that I cant complain. We’ll be picked up from the airport and driven the directly to this place

 We’ll spend three days working (that means that Ol will be working and I’ll be found by the pool) and then we’re off to travel the East side and the mountains in the middle.

Apparently there are ok wi fi so I’ll try and update the blog with pictures so you know we’re alive and not stuck in the hospital now that we dont have our own sterile syringes. Or as Ol said this morning ‘I wont be able to hold myself from say ‘told you so’ if we get hepatitis from using their syringes.’ Fair.

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