Monday birthday celebrations

It was Miranda’s birthday yesterday. It was Kix’s too but we celebrated her big time on Saturday so yesterday was Miranda’s day. Important that, you should be the most important thing on your birthday.

I met up with Miranda, Ol and Fiona after work at the Nordic Bakery and then we went for dinner at Dehesa. So good. All of us over ate. Again.

 The birthday girl refused to be photographed. So I did a sneaky one.

 Oliver drew the tills at the Nordic Bakery (I only had eye for the cinnamon rolls)

 Trying on clothes in American Apparel. Great look for Ol.

Miranda and me choosing food. Everything looked good, therefore we ate pretty much everything.

 You can definitely tell the family resemblance. Except for the fact that Ol’s head is about twice as big.


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