Things I love


Sun is shining, it’s almost 20 degrees and I took a walk during lunch. It was so warm I took off my jacket.

I’m heading home for dinner and hang with Oliver tonight and it’s just going to be the two of us.

It’s Julia’s birthday and I will get too celebrate her on Monday when I’m home for the evening before heading to Furteventura

My new bag (from & other stories)

Going home to see Carro, Micke and the kids in a couple of weeks 

This pretty picture at Kix from the Christmas baking and Damson photo shoot

This song Britta Persson – Some Girls Some Boys

Having a bit of a tan

Reading. Everywhere and all the time

Sanna’s blog since it lets me know what is going on back home (even if the latest posts are all about when she was here.)

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