The Great Gatsby

Saw The Great Gatsby yesterday. 

I dont care what people say about it being bombastic or not as subtle as the book. It’s Baz Luhrman. It’s supposed to be big and beautiful and it certainly is. I loved the book but that is a completely different thing. By making the movie into this bombastic, decadent party story it doesnt conflict with my love for the book. The movie is great all on its own.

It almost made me cry, it’s so beautiful and it’s achingly familiar for all us lost party souls. The modern music works surprisingly well since the movie has the same feel as today. Gatsby in his gigantic mansion with people drinking champagne and throwing themselves into the pool is very familiar. Go to Ibizia, St Tropez, London, anywhere the party people go, and you will find the same kind of decadent parties where there are no limits.

And the conflicts of the stories haunts as well. The man trying to win the beautiful woman by giving her everything she could dream of thinking that glamour and money are the ways to her heart. The chaos and sorrow in the wake of all that power hunger and greed.

It felt like I’ve seen it all before

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