A Wednesday

Took a walk with Kix and Tompa yesterday. And Ziglet as well of course. The sun peaked out for a couple of hours and we dreamed about it being warm enough to swim in the pool in Ravenscourt park. It wasn’t. I said warmth win before sun, Kix said the opposite.

Tompa is leaving soon, 4th of June. I will miss him. He’s like a sweet younger brother. If anyone happens to go to Huddiksvall get him to make you a fruity drink.

 Ziggy were cool in his Roger from Rhodos t-shirt. He had swag. Too bad he lost against the other dogs. He got so owned another dog spat in his face and jumped over him.

When I came home Oliver cooked me food (again, I’m getting spoiled). Pasta Puttanesca.

I thanked him by looking gorgeous in his hat. I think he felt very lucky. 

Aaaw, he did. Look at that ‘I feel so lucky my girlfriend is so amazing that she eats my food and wear my clothes’ face.

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