We’re so light

Wednesday night. We cooked dinner and took a walk along the river at dusk. It smelled of summer and was pretty.

The flowers are all out. It looks kind of empty but there was lots of people out enjoying the summer night.
Flowers at home as well. Love all the colours.
We cooked aspargus and pancetta pasta. Or, Oliver cooked and I came with encouraging comments. It was delicious. 
Chilling on the sofa.
The ‘spider’ taking photos.
Best place to have dinner, in the open window.  

Grace for Saints and Ramblers

It was one of those early summer nights in London yesterday. I met up with colleagues after work for a drink.

Caroline and Pete were in town so we met at the Alex and had a couple.

After 3 beers (quickly drunk there) I had to leave to meet up with Antonio, Elena, Ed and Oliver for dinner in Angel.

We just missed dinner at the first place after waiting to long with ordering but found another place with awesome food so we survived. Both Ed and Antonio were a bit sad about missing the steak though. 
Close up on Oliver (are you extra happy about this one honey?)
Elena is a really talented photographer. I love that she makes her own illustrations for the images and make them look all dreamy and weird.  

Don’t ask for more

Yesterday was easy. We met at Tesco, picked up non cooking, fuss free food and went home to the sofa. There we stayed for the rest of the evening. Talking a bit but mostly humming along like two old dogs.

Oliver read his book about drawing. 
And we nailed an entire cheese and meat board. I think we needed the energy after this weekend. 
Bought some of my favourite face stuff. Curious to see how the Beauty balm works but I love the no 7 products. I’m certain their eye creme will save my bacon from all these late night party nights. 
Sunny summer legs. Finally. Tonight we are heading up East for dinner with Antonio, his girlfriend and Ed. He told us not too eat lunch, I have a feeling it will be an italian feast. 

Midsummer mayhem

 English boy being lost amongst the Swedes.

 BP celebrating his first Midsummer with the crew. He excelled.

 Girls picking flowers (and being eaten by mosquitos)

 Mathilda and Fabio sat on my end of the table. Win for them.

Happy Midsummer people. (Eric wearing the same t-shirt as last year. Official Midsummer t-shirt)

 Alex was also on my side. Win for all of us when he started telling his weird stories about police strippers. 

 Chill time.

 My girlies by the Midsummer pole.

 Kisses (and flying leg)

So happy being home (and drunk)

 Music quiz.

 Dinner and the brasilians (argentinians?) singing local songs.

 Fabio på bordet. Serious business when an italian are drinking wine

 Maggie and her fireball

Sanna leading the dancing as always

 As well as getting her man into the dancing mood.

 Better change to black and white when people are getting drunk.

The boys!

PP and Mathilda on the boat the day after. Looking surprisingly fresh.

 We took a walk. Needed.

Oliver took photos. As always.

 ‘Look sexy’. Well…

 He feels very comfortable between my girls. I think he trusts them.

Löjroms toast. Yum!!

 Getting ready! A couple of vodkas down the road.

 Pretty Maggie

 Fabio and me listening to something extraordinary.

Sanna had her fair share of the vodka too.

 As did we all I think.

 Party people.


Alex showing his old man act at the little cafe.

 It was cold but Swedes know how to handle that.

Cutest little cafe ever.

Midsummer Dreams

Back in London. Tired with new bruises and mosquito bites. Yes, its been Midsummer again. This year we celebrated on the West coast. A bit fewer people, the same party and loads of Fireball. We danced around the pole, we ate sill and potato and we sang nubbe visor.

We also made a sketch to bamse, had secret guests in the form of Antonio and Anna, waited for 30 min in the rain for our boat, slept in a bunk bed (both Ol and me in the top one), drank cachaca, lost Robban for day 2, played a 2 hour music quiz (that everyone sucked at) and tried to survive drinking vodka redbull. Sometimes there are no winning.

Day 2. Stuck in a table and fed water. Thank God for it not being shots. 
Eating at Petersons desperately trying not to fall asleep. Everything goes. 
Sexy Sanna. 
Midsummer girls! Missed them and love dancing yet another year with my angels. 
Tired Entourage watching. 
So sexy you can only be after hours of drinking the day before. 
My prettier images will come tomorrow.  

Summer nights

I went over to Kix and Robins yesterday and their new flat. It was lovely. I cooked us pasta with tomato sauce and asparagus and we took a walk with Ziggy. It was finally warm. Like summer warm and still 20 degrees 10 at night. Kix, me and Ziggy went on a swing, hadn’t realised that actually gives you motion sickness.

Today I’m off to Sweden for midsummer. The west coast this time. I am well excited. I have a feeling it will be a great party and I have packed my rain jacket to be able to dance even if it’s pouring down.

Zig licking my toes. Filthy bugger. 
Late night blue sky. Pretty.  

I might as well come home…

‘As the prospect of another gloomy Glastonbury and wet Wimbledon looms, leading climate scientists have warned that the UK could be set for a further five to 10 years of washout summers.

The grim conclusion was delivered after an unprecedented gathering of scientists and meteorologists at the Met Office in Exeter to debate the range of possible causes for Europe’s “unusual seasonal weather” over recent years, a sequence that has lasted since 2007.

Many will have hoped for news of sunnier times ahead. But after experts brainstormed through the day they delivered the shock finding that the UK could be in the middle of a 10-20 year “cycle” of wet summers. The last six out of seven summers in the UK have seen below-average temperatures and sunshine, and above-average rainfall.’

If you want to read about the 10 – 20 years of rain… http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jun/18/climate-uk-weather-summer-rain

Fluorescent under dress

A couple of days ago I was all dressed in black at work. Top to toe. One of my colleagues were so taken aback by this well matched wardrobe of mine (it was black!!) that he asked me if I had fluorescent underwear given that I’m so rebellious.

 I had to say no on account of my boring black underwear.

But today i’m making him happy with my under dress. A fluorescent surprise.