Midsummer Dreams

Back in London. Tired with new bruises and mosquito bites. Yes, its been Midsummer again. This year we celebrated on the West coast. A bit fewer people, the same party and loads of Fireball. We danced around the pole, we ate sill and potato and we sang nubbe visor.

We also made a sketch to bamse, had secret guests in the form of Antonio and Anna, waited for 30 min in the rain for our boat, slept in a bunk bed (both Ol and me in the top one), drank cachaca, lost Robban for day 2, played a 2 hour music quiz (that everyone sucked at) and tried to survive drinking vodka redbull. Sometimes there are no winning.

Day 2. Stuck in a table and fed water. Thank God for it not being shots. 
Eating at Petersons desperately trying not to fall asleep. Everything goes. 
Sexy Sanna. 
Midsummer girls! Missed them and love dancing yet another year with my angels. 
Tired Entourage watching. 
So sexy you can only be after hours of drinking the day before. 
My prettier images will come tomorrow.  

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