Midsummer mayhem

 English boy being lost amongst the Swedes.

 BP celebrating his first Midsummer with the crew. He excelled.

 Girls picking flowers (and being eaten by mosquitos)

 Mathilda and Fabio sat on my end of the table. Win for them.

Happy Midsummer people. (Eric wearing the same t-shirt as last year. Official Midsummer t-shirt)

 Alex was also on my side. Win for all of us when he started telling his weird stories about police strippers. 

 Chill time.

 My girlies by the Midsummer pole.

 Kisses (and flying leg)

So happy being home (and drunk)

 Music quiz.

 Dinner and the brasilians (argentinians?) singing local songs.

 Fabio på bordet. Serious business when an italian are drinking wine

 Maggie and her fireball

Sanna leading the dancing as always

 As well as getting her man into the dancing mood.

 Better change to black and white when people are getting drunk.

The boys!

PP and Mathilda on the boat the day after. Looking surprisingly fresh.

 We took a walk. Needed.

Oliver took photos. As always.

 ‘Look sexy’. Well…

 He feels very comfortable between my girls. I think he trusts them.

Löjroms toast. Yum!!

 Getting ready! A couple of vodkas down the road.

 Pretty Maggie

 Fabio and me listening to something extraordinary.

Sanna had her fair share of the vodka too.

 As did we all I think.

 Party people.


Alex showing his old man act at the little cafe.

 It was cold but Swedes know how to handle that.

Cutest little cafe ever.

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