Dinner at the Tomlins

Yesterday Ol and me ventured East for dinner with the Tomlins and to see there new flat. It was so pretty. A perfect little black and white heaven by the canal. We drank gin and tonics and ate burgers. Perfect in other words.

 The view from their window, they are on the 5th floor. Oliver loved it and kept running around taking photos.

 Elin and me drank cucumber drinks and laughed at our boyfriends (sorry, with our boyfriends)

 Tommy found his place by the window. It was a beautiful light in the flat.

 He showed his tattoos and made Elin worried about his talk about the sleeve his getting on his other arm as well. I like the tattoo bearded look.

 Home made burgers on a 3 year old disposable grill.

 The night time view from the balcony. We had such a nice time talking about the summer and drinking big cups of mint tea.

Elins legs and somewhat dirty wine glasses. A perfect summer evening.

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