Oliver and me are looking for flats. Its a full time job. Yesterday we saw 10 and today we are seeing 5.

We found 2 we like. They are both flats that make you laugh. Or ‘have a vibe’ as Oliver say. I think they make you laugh. The one we want the most have a dungeon. A great big room in the cellar that will be acting as storage/party room/shoe room/home cinema. The flat also have an alcove were I can sit and read in Olivers grandads rocking chair.

The other one is like the Funny House. Its a 3 floor house with funny little rooms and a lovely garden. Everything is quite small and cute. I loved it but I think Ol will die hiking his kit up the stairs. So Ill go for the dungeon instead.

This picture have nothing to do with flats. But is is a necklace I got from colleague yesterday. That was sweet.

Late night

After all the pictures in previous post where you can see we did nothing but stay in the sun all day I was trying to show Kix I actually have a tan

Kind of

– Put your legs in the air. One leg over the other, toes pointed. Makes them look slimmer.

– Ok, and makes it look like a perfectly normal pose on a Monday night. Oh fuck my core muscles hurt

Disadvantages of having a photographer boyfriend

My tan face against Olivers stomach. Not sure its my face that is tan though…

Last of the summer wine

 Drinking pina coladas at our favourite Beach Club

 It was magical light every evening.

 Felt like being caught in a dream.

We walked along the beach and talked about things.

 I ran away on my own and took pictures of things that made my heart happy.

 Lazied around in the pool.

We read books.

 and cooked food (maggan and fredde are very well matched)

 Love these girls. So many places we’ve been together, they all float together to one big happy heap of memories.

Another afternoon at the Beach Club

 Pretty together

 Life is just so much easier when the sun is out and you have your friends around you.

and BIG glasses of Gin and Tonic.It’s especially easy then.

 So good I had to show another picture

 These two! When I miss everything at home they are definitely up there in the top. Good thing that we keep making sure to travel together.


 When you dont have someone to take pictures for you you need to find other ways to solve it.

 Spain in a f**ing great cheese country.

Beautiful Sanna.

 The view from the balcony.

 Were we spent most of our days.

Romantic dinner for two.

 we cooked gambas

during the mornings we did yoga.

and went back to the beach club for even more sun.

 Sunset over Torres del Mar

 Maggan and Fredde came back to hang with us for one more night.

We ate a lovely dinner.

 and talked

 It was a really nice place as you can see on our happy smiles.

Making Monday great

Monday and back in the office after a relaxing holiday having nothing to do might not be the best start of the week.

However, there was a package waiting for me…

Anything with a heart and the outline of Kors must be good

Yes, it was. My new boots. Since its about a 100 degrees here I wont get to use them for a while but that just means I get to dream about them instead.

Also, messages like this makes me smile. His swedish is improving and like Sanna said ‘that is one good compliment, everyone knows how much dogs like to smell each others balls’.


I’m feeling very zen

Back from a wonderful week in Spain. It was the perfect holiday. For the first couple of days people came and went making it feel like you did something when all you actually did was laying by the pool.

Helena, Miche and Peter were there for the first days and we enjoyed ourselves by drinking beer and looking at old SVT clips. They left and Maggan and Fredde took their place and we drank more beer, went to the Beach Club, ate at fancy restaurants and swam in the pool.

When Sanna and me were finally alone we went down to a bare minimum with morning yoga, hours by the pool, lunch and dinners on the terrace and early to bed. Like in Roatan, finally holiday from the holiday. In perfect tandem did we enjoy our laziness and excused ourselves by doing some meditation calling it ‘finding our zen’

The pool. How could you ever want to do something else than lay here?

Me and my over sized gin and tonic.

Maggan and Fredde

Gigantic bees and wasps were sharing our shadow tree but it was fine, if you dont bother them they dont bother you.

Another day at the Beach Club, another drink.

Little kids dressed up and ready for dancing up in the tiny mountain village Frigola (??)

It was very pretty up there and Sanna and me walked around feeling touristy

took pictures as you have to do when being a tourist (this is Sanna’s ‘Carrie goes to the mountains’ outfit. Well done!)

Last nights dinner. We ate tapas and discussed the type of things you talk about after having spent a week doing nothing.


Soon I’m off to Malaga and Sanna to be chilling around this pool for a week. Cant wait.

Maggie and her new man will come for a couple of days but other than that it will be Sanna and me. I see slow days, sangria in the sun and lots of girl talk ahead. Perfect vacation in other words.

(Note the flying man in the image, not sure what he is doing…)

Cherry food baby

Yesterday was a bit less warm. I had one of those bitch of a headache and went straight for sofa after work.

I also packed. I have a mission to manage, I’m only bringing hand luggage to Spain so need to fit all my clothes in on 10 kg. Practical packing. Tops that go with both jeans and scarf trousers. Dresses. No high heels (they weigh a ton). You know the drill.

Tonight meeting Kix and Robin for BBQ. Looking a bit grey and grim outside but hoping that it clears up.

Had my new ‘farm girl’ dress from River Island. Love it. Long dresses are the best

I also ate 400 grams of cherries while waiting for Ol to come home and cook me food. Cherry food baby.

Eventually he did and it was well worth the wait.