A night in angel

Out with benjie and ed last night. We forgot to eat. It was carnage.

Dancing around north London. I made lots of new friends, preferable big, black guys I kept telling to relax and just dance. Not sure they counted me as a friend and not just an irritating nuisance. Oh well, I had fun.
Ben and ed had a bromance of epic proportions going on. Those two are made for each other! 
Great night in other words, not sure how I will manage raffles tonight.

I’m blue dabididabida

Blue today. Pretty see through. Will see how that goes down with the builders along our street. They whistle when im wearing wellies and hoodie.

(pretty bored, not much to do. I can see how people ended up taking pictures of what they are wearing when THERE ARE NOTHING ELSE TO DO).

 Im also sharing a coke with Steffie. Looking forward to seeing her when I’m home. All those memories. I smile whenever I think of her and us being 17 and tired of life, How sweet we were (and absolutely crazy the way 17 years olds are. Living on cigarettes and candy, partying with way older men (even if one of them turned out to be the worlds best chrisse) and dressed up as punk babes making out with each other all the time)

Cocktailing in Mayfair

When Oliver is off playing at being a tourist in the Italian country side im out socializing. As always.

Yesterday I met up with Henkan and his Pamela and we went for dinner at Social Eating House. The food was really good and we had a really nice evening.

My drink. Dill or no dill. Of course dill. It tasted like a mix of elderflower cordial and crayfish juice. Yum.

Henkan and his youghurt powder drink. Why not.

Turning 40! Happy birthday. You could tell he was a happy man with his lovely wife by his side for his 40th birthday.


Seeing Henkan and Pamela that are in town tonight. We are eating at Social Eating House in Mayfair. Havent seen them in ages so looking forward to it. They’ve got married since I saw them last, will give them the biggest congratulations hug.

Working from home today. No Zig to keep me company so everything is a bit slower. Heading out for an ice cream soon. Its summer and ice cream is mandatory.

Wearing this today. PJ trousers from Asos, gold top from sheinside and necklace from Damson.

Ziggy the monster

Zig and me took a walk in the park. Sun was shining and we felt pretty spectacular. Ran a bit, chewed some sticks and smelt the grass.

Overall pretty awesome.

I lay down and watched the little monster showing his powers over the stick.

All of a sudden his attention was caught and off he went.

In the distant i saw him rolling around. Really enjoying the smell of the ground. Right when i started to get a bit suspicious he came back smelling of poo.

Monster dog. I dragged him home and took him into the bathroom. He knew what was coming and tried to get away from my evil claws.

But im relentless and put him under the shower. Goodbye sweet smell.

A sorry looking monster. Dont mess with the Muntron!

Smelling him up. Still faint smell of poo but its ok.

He gets some more cuddles after all.

Weekend food and sun

On Friday we met at Ella’s new flat, drank wine and talked about lifes more important things like phillosophy, dating, cheating, sex and work

After a couple of hours and being joined by Ella’s friend Tom we went to the Havelock for dinner.

One of the best things with not moving too far is that Havelock will still be around the corner.

Stan joined us

And his hair got defiled bu a very happy Ella.

Zig was there and met a new friend, a little dachshund that is a regular at the Havelock.

Ol took a break from work and showed up with his camera.

Even Robin managed to get away from his job and showed up around 11.

The day after me, Kix and Laxen met in the park.

Laxen and Zig played catch the bottle.

The instagram generation,

Zig was very happy about his new playmate.

Nice day in the sun. After this Ol and me went for a really good thai restaurant on Uxbridge road.

Flowers and crayfishes

Wearing my flower trousers today. Got to compliments for them on my way to work. That made me happy.

Another things that will make me happy if is my new job have a toilet with mirror without a handicap bar. Imagine that. 

Only two more weeks to the mini crayfish party at my country house. I found this AMAZING dress but Sanna told me I werent allowed to buy it and she is right.

If anyone else feel they need a crayfish dress in their life I wont be angry I promise (just massively jealous)

I have also downloaded 7 new episodes of True Blood for when Ol is away #notmissingmyboyfriendatall