In sofa staring out the window

Day 5 of my stomach poisoning/flu. Not sure what happened but results been cramps for days. Feeling better today but my boss didn’t want to see me in yet given the contamination risk. Fair play, even if I’m bored! 

Not much going on over the last few days, went out Friday to celebrate tom but had to give up at 10 and went home. Stupid stomach. Rest of the time it’s been me, bed, sofa and bathroom.
I might dare the outside today. And take a shower. 

New coat hanger. Love it!

Watching Homeland on the projector screen.

Sick face

New dress from Miranda. She is moving, I’m getting even more clothes. Win.

Someone’s rubbish is your find

In the spirit of fighting against the consumerism as well as the fact as I’m dirt poor after setting up our lovely flat (so worth it, who needs clothes when you have a sofa to hide on) I’m recycling clothes. When I moved I gave Kix a bag of my old clothes that I had tired off but got new life in her wardrobe.

This time it was my turn getting some new stuff. Oliver’s mum is moving to Rye (love it, finally we will have somewhere to go when we want to leave London) and donated some old clothes, jewelry and make up to me.

Today’s find id this blouse. Perfect for looking somewhat serious.

Also, I have a nicer bathroom to take photos in now but I need to be quick so that no one else comes around.

Dinner with awesome people

Had Kix, Ella and Ziggy over for dinner yesterday. I treated the humans to lesbian lentil stew and the dog to ham. Happy faces all around.

Oliver was supposed to go climbing but exhausted himself doing DIY so he ended up getting stuck in the girl talk. Not too bad, only your standard baby and dog talks. We spared him the relationship moaning. (Or, he got to listen to a bit of our views on other people’s problems but that’s just standard.)

‘Mmm, what lovely cookies’. ‘Yes, they are from Furtnum and Masons’. We are definitely getting older… (see the shelves in the background. New for the day)

‘Oh well, they’ll get over it. Everyone does. And then they’ll fall in love with someone new and think its special all over again. Before they know it they break up from that one too’. Oliver giving his view on people getting on after a break up.

Ella drinking weird Oliver tea. She is keeping a straight face.

Not sure who is most happy. Ziggy or Ella. She have put down a deposit on her own little dog now.

Zig chillin in my lap. He can stay there for ever.

Park walk

Walked home through the parks with London yesterday. It takes about 1h and 20 min to walk home and you go through Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Somehow that makes it feel like no time at all. Or, that is not strictly true, I had turned into the ‘I’m hungry cause i haven’t eaten for hours’ monster by the time we reached Shepherd’s Bush. Ol just had to deal with it.

Once home we watched Homeland on the gigantic projector and rejoiced in the fact that we are getting internet today. Hail the modern ages, finally we can stream netflix again.

View over the Serpentine.

View over Oliver’s weird photo style

Goodbye Eddie

Im lazy at the moment. Very lazy. I prefer laying on the sofa and do nothing. It feels like I’m welded to it. Oliver sighs and say that we should never have gotten a nice flat since I refuse to leave it.

That doesn’t stop me from having some fun this weekend in between sofa time. On Friday we went to Ed’s leaving drink. Or ‘leaving drink’. Not sure when he is actually leaving yet. We found a house club and I got to use Elin’s light ring to 4 in the morning, I impressed the sh*t out of that fashion crowd.

Saturday I felt surprisingly well and in the evening Ol and me went to see Joy division interpreted at Royal Festival Hall. Us and the rest of the middle class claiming to be cultural. It was damned good though.

 Maggie with her Swarovski nails. Having gone a show where she got her nails properly done she sparkled all through the night.

 Fashion lads

 The twins. Ed and Ben and their accountant.

 Man love. Happy boys enjoying the last of the summer warmth.

 Candice looking sexy and talking serious (well, maybe not. This was after a couple of jagerbombs after all)

 Fake it ’til you make it. If you dont drink at least look the part.

 Bustin’ some more sexy.

 Happy, drunk people dancing.

 Eddie and his new girl. She is awesome.

 Ben just couldnt let them alone and had to butt in.

So Ed had to go hang with Raf instead. Love Raf but still…

 Ol teaching Maggie ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ (apparently the way all rave kidz dance)

 Tiff and Maggie.

 Ben got into some serious pool playing. He opened strong but couldn’t see it through. I blame the shots.

 Boys hanging. Eddie will be missed.


 Raf and Maggie laughing on the street. I think generally a bit high on life.

 Cab to the next place. Typical London evening.

 Me in the bathroom. You need at least one selfie like that during a good evening.

 Maggie owning the dance floor at Basing House.

 The balconies at Royal Festival Hall.

The orchestra when it was all over. I was too polite to try and shoot during the performance.

Over the last couple of weeks

Im getting a phone today. As in IM GETTING A PHONE TODAY. Having been phoneless for two weeks I have realised how absolutely rubbish it is. How do you keep in touch with your friends when you cant whatsapp them, how do you know what to wear when you cant check the weather and how do you get out of bed without alarm?

I dont know.

Yesterday dinner at Ben and Candice. They live in Fort Knox. Even Oliver ‘I read books about natural navigation in my spare time’ couldn’t find the way. Once we found the flat it was great and the food, not to mention he company, made the hazardous journey well worth it.

Behind the hardest journey lies the best treasure (I just made that up)

I dont have any photos. Im going to visually paint the picture of succulent vegetarian lasagna with parmesan topping and roasted pine nuts followed by ice cream and warm toffee smelling berries. Yum!

But, dont you worry. I have some other miscellaneous pictures.

 Got flowers when I left Unibet. They made my flat smell great and made a very white wall a bit more colourful.

 My reading corner. Still dont have a bulb in the lamp but soon Ill be cuddling up here with tea in hand.

 The front room. Ol calls it a 30 something female interior designers dream. He picked it all so not sure what that says about him.

 I mimicked the ukranian prime minister one day in peasant plats and wellies.

 Ikea Christmas decoration for 10p can also become a jewelry stand.

 My diary. Love is the drug.

Ol bought me a gift. Im going to do the best ginger bread hedgehogs ever made.

Junip and red monkeys

Went to see Junip yesterday. Its Jose Gonzales side project. Swedes rock!

It was a really good concert, the slow stuff was a bit too polished but as soon as the bass line hit people started dancing (in the very white middle class, ‘sway from side ti side’ way). I had the best two little rude boys next to me who just got into it and danced like little rave monsters.

Except for the smell of old beers and vomit the concert was magic.

This is my favourite track Junip – Line Of Fire

Oliver is off to Ikea today. We got the sweetest card from his Gran yesterday with a little monetary gift so we are buying a couple of things for our hallway that we needed. Among them this epic coat rack.

I am so the monkey.

The card from Olivers gran. We are very grateful and will make sure to buy some lovely stuff with the money. Not only kids coat racks.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Oliver is really in to his drawing and given that I am always there I have become one of his favourite subjects.

With varying degrees of success.

The chinless wonder. My face just goes on and on. And on.

Monkey girl. I also have a very wiry arm. Not that i have that much muscles.

Slightly angry. Something about the shape of my mouth. Remember Filippa telling me once that ‘when your face is in its natural state it looks really angry’. Oh well.

Reading. I like this the most. I actually look like a normal person.

A trip down memory lane

Found a couple of things when at the country house I felt the world needed to see.

 My dad as a baby boy. So sweet.

 The message in the guest book my first official dinner. Good thing they drank champagne to celebrate me.

‘I was here’. My sister letting everyone know she was there and that my brother is very wild and cute and that im cute too. Oh well thank you.

Oliver and Lauren dancing contemporary dance as cats.