Junip and red monkeys

Went to see Junip yesterday. Its Jose Gonzales side project. Swedes rock!

It was a really good concert, the slow stuff was a bit too polished but as soon as the bass line hit people started dancing (in the very white middle class, ‘sway from side ti side’ way). I had the best two little rude boys next to me who just got into it and danced like little rave monsters.

Except for the smell of old beers and vomit the concert was magic.

This is my favourite track Junip – Line Of Fire

Oliver is off to Ikea today. We got the sweetest card from his Gran yesterday with a little monetary gift so we are buying a couple of things for our hallway that we needed. Among them this epic coat rack.

I am so the monkey.

The card from Olivers gran. We are very grateful and will make sure to buy some lovely stuff with the money. Not only kids coat racks.

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