Over the last couple of weeks

Im getting a phone today. As in IM GETTING A PHONE TODAY. Having been phoneless for two weeks I have realised how absolutely rubbish it is. How do you keep in touch with your friends when you cant whatsapp them, how do you know what to wear when you cant check the weather and how do you get out of bed without alarm?

I dont know.

Yesterday dinner at Ben and Candice. They live in Fort Knox. Even Oliver ‘I read books about natural navigation in my spare time’ couldn’t find the way. Once we found the flat it was great and the food, not to mention he company, made the hazardous journey well worth it.

Behind the hardest journey lies the best treasure (I just made that up)

I dont have any photos. Im going to visually paint the picture of succulent vegetarian lasagna with parmesan topping and roasted pine nuts followed by ice cream and warm toffee smelling berries. Yum!

But, dont you worry. I have some other miscellaneous pictures.

 Got flowers when I left Unibet. They made my flat smell great and made a very white wall a bit more colourful.

 My reading corner. Still dont have a bulb in the lamp but soon Ill be cuddling up here with tea in hand.

 The front room. Ol calls it a 30 something female interior designers dream. He picked it all so not sure what that says about him.

 I mimicked the ukranian prime minister one day in peasant plats and wellies.

 Ikea Christmas decoration for 10p can also become a jewelry stand.

 My diary. Love is the drug.

Ol bought me a gift. Im going to do the best ginger bread hedgehogs ever made.

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