Goodbye Eddie

Im lazy at the moment. Very lazy. I prefer laying on the sofa and do nothing. It feels like I’m welded to it. Oliver sighs and say that we should never have gotten a nice flat since I refuse to leave it.

That doesn’t stop me from having some fun this weekend in between sofa time. On Friday we went to Ed’s leaving drink. Or ‘leaving drink’. Not sure when he is actually leaving yet. We found a house club and I got to use Elin’s light ring to 4 in the morning, I impressed the sh*t out of that fashion crowd.

Saturday I felt surprisingly well and in the evening Ol and me went to see Joy division interpreted at Royal Festival Hall. Us and the rest of the middle class claiming to be cultural. It was damned good though.

 Maggie with her Swarovski nails. Having gone a show where she got her nails properly done she sparkled all through the night.

 Fashion lads

 The twins. Ed and Ben and their accountant.

 Man love. Happy boys enjoying the last of the summer warmth.

 Candice looking sexy and talking serious (well, maybe not. This was after a couple of jagerbombs after all)

 Fake it ’til you make it. If you dont drink at least look the part.

 Bustin’ some more sexy.

 Happy, drunk people dancing.

 Eddie and his new girl. She is awesome.

 Ben just couldnt let them alone and had to butt in.

So Ed had to go hang with Raf instead. Love Raf but still…

 Ol teaching Maggie ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ (apparently the way all rave kidz dance)

 Tiff and Maggie.

 Ben got into some serious pool playing. He opened strong but couldn’t see it through. I blame the shots.

 Boys hanging. Eddie will be missed.


 Raf and Maggie laughing on the street. I think generally a bit high on life.

 Cab to the next place. Typical London evening.

 Me in the bathroom. You need at least one selfie like that during a good evening.

 Maggie owning the dance floor at Basing House.

 The balconies at Royal Festival Hall.

The orchestra when it was all over. I was too polite to try and shoot during the performance.

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