The dungeon

It’s raining out. Im eating Twix and listening to Melissa Horn all while staring myself blind at numbers.

Yup, that is depressing. Chocolate and Melissa Horn is the ultimate chic rainy day combo and numbers…well, they are depressing in themselves.

However, I dared the rain and ran up to Scandinavian Kitchen during lunch buying some goodies. Brap as Oliver and my friends in Skins would have said.

Oliver keeps playing DIY housewife and today the dungeon have gotten yet another addition (sadly not dwarfs or torture instruments befitting for a true dungeon.)

The perfect poached egg breakfast

We love our new flat. I know I go an and on about it but after years with one shittier place after the other this one is magic.

Given that we spent all weekend at home (I blame the rain) we had a lovely breakfast on Saturday morning and actually sat by the table and not in the sofa. Win.

 Poached eggs on toast and a gigantic cup of tea. Cant get better than that.

 Everything is amazing!!

 Peanut butter jam sandwich. Good gods its been seperated and not the philistine american version of having them on the same one.

Poached eggs. We learnt the best way of doing it. You simply crack the egg in a cling film bag with olive oil and salt and then you put it in boiling water for 4-5 min. Voila, perfect poached eggs.

Tired looking morning monkey. Very matching with my table, cup and robe. Important that.

Every home need a projector screen

Very relaxed weekend. I did nothing, Ol were DIY in the basement. (sorry, dungeon).

Friday night dinner at home, Saturday spent on the sofa, Ol went up to a drink in the evening but I went back to my sofa watching New Girl (disgrace I know but the thought of socializing had me slightly panicking not to mention putting make up on. Seriously, my face is a temple no make up will touch on the weekends. If the temple is old, bleak and ready to fall to pieces.). Sunday…hold your breath…sofa and Serenity on our new (ridiculous) projector screen.

Talked to mum and she told me it was ‘good i was home, you cant keep partying the way you do at your age’. Parental blessing for my lazying about.

 Our ‘very handy and super easy to move’ projector screen. Its a monstrosity.

 Ol is very happy though. ‘Honey, its multi functional. I can use it for portraits and movies and backgrouns. Endless possibilities’

Not super impressed… (look at my old man fashion statement. Ol was going to charity shop this. Why? I asked myself, its such an awesome look)

A little taste of the north

Had lunch with Elin. We went to Nordic Bakery and expected wonders. We were quite disappointed. The cinnamon buns are epic but the sandwiches were a big pile of nothing. A sad slice of salmon on a rye bread.

We ate it all though. We are nothing but not fastidious in that case. A cinnamon bun each to end with. I want to curl up in a ball and sleep for hours. Instead Ill be cramming in some new info, see some new faces and have my ‘first week’ review.

 They look deceptively nice. Dont get fooled.

These on the other hand. A doughy, heavy mass of heaven.

Now we are only waiting for some paintings and lamps and we will be done

Our little home is falling into place. This morning the table arrived. Taken through the window like a true pro (that would be Oliver and not me)

It is also Friday. That means a weekend of absolutely nothing. My head needs a rest. I will be horizontal on the sofa. (I will also call you dad to give an update on my first week).

First, 6 meetings, lunch with Elin at Nordic Bakery (yum, cinnamon bun) and trying to stay away from the stash of sweeties on my table. Dangerous with a company serving free sweets.

A lemon in a red bowl

Working. Doing interviews and pretending to know what I talk about. Im a bit too new to have the full picture but im trying.

Looking forward to do nothing over the weekend. I might move from bed to sofa. That is about it.

Asked Oliver to take some pictures for me and he’s showing our flat in a lovely way. Very artsy. Enjoy

 Candle holder. I got them from Bella when I first moved to London and I love them.

 Lemon in our red bowl.

The view out  the window. Apparently our neighbors want to fix the front up a bit. Awesome.

The lamp. You have seen it before. Ikea rocks. Its the Maskros lamp. I have always loved dandelions so I cant help myself from dreaming away when I look at it.

Dinner and late night lights

Kix came over for dinner last night. She loves our little flat. Ziggy too. He ate a piece of the blind and rolled around on the carpet like a crazy dog.I would say he has now put the mark on our flat.

We talked about everything that have happened since last time. New job, new flat, old back (kix’s back is more or less broken) and gossip about all of our friends. Perfect night.

The lamp shade is casting lovely patterns on our wall. All hail IKEA.

I served her pea soup and bread. Didnt show off what our new kitchen can do but was too destroyed after work.