Elephants and sambucca

Monday morning. London is in the middle of the big storm. According to Kix cars are supposed to fly around. Well, at least the parks were closed this morning and the trains were late. Otherwise there was a brisk breeze and that is about it. I survived people.

Good for you since that means I can tell you about my thrilling and awesome weekend. Hold your horses.

Friday started with work drinks. I knew no one. I stood by myself in a corner and downed 2 beers in 15 min before I told Ol to come and save me.

He took me to an awesome pizza place. As in maybe the best one in London.

We headed East for some magazine launch. It was us and every youngster in the fashion industry. I felt old. Drank a couple of more beers and then headed home.

Sent Kix a ‘good to be home before midnight’ message. Felt good to be home before midnight. She said I had Disco eyes. WTF!?

Saturday we went to the newly opened Serpentine Gallery wing and saw a concrete Elephant.

Eventually we tired of the concrete stuff (well, I tired, Ol could have stayed there all night) and went to Anna’s for some TP.

Boys vs girls. Not cool when the only 3 british people were on the same team and one of them happened to be sober.

Every time one team got 2 pieces we had to drink sambucca shots (or eat as in Danny’s case). That didnt help the overall genius of the group.

At one point we were head to head though. Then the boys crushed us. You really do get more stupid when you drink.

Anna and me were more focused on having fun.

Or dance around in the living room.

Yesterday we took a long walk along the river, went up to the japanese for dinner,started watching Breaking Bad and ate potato wedges. Not too shabby.

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