Its been a full on, high speed, wam bam day today and my head feels like mashed potato. How fitting that is what Ol is cooking me tonight. Bangers and mash.

Im also fighting my tired, Monday blues feeling that I need to walk home today. If I dont I might blow up and look like a balloon (yup, that makes absolute sense). I walked to work today. 7k. ‘Brain listen, you are fine, you’ve done your shit today.’

This is my biggest problem after a fun weekend, to manage my brain fail when my tiny lizard brain starts shouting ‘you need to walk you fat, lazy oaf’. So, I’ve promised Ol to take the train home and sit on the sofa.

I also listen to Maritza Horn to feel happy in comparison. At least i dont need to starve and sing my kids to death since I cant feed them.

Might watch some serious vampire action tonight.

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