In my dreams

Not sure what Im processing at the moment but my dreams have some serious weird shit in them.

Last night I dreamt some stuff about Oliver being stalked by someone who came into our home and tried our clothes on. He also sent us pages out of a book he was writing about Oliver. In the end he raped and killed a girl dressed as me on our sofa. We had to go back to back all our stuff moving to a new place before he could find us.

Im a bit tired today. Like having been chased by crazy men all night.

Hung over musings

Found some nice pictures from Ols and mine dance-a-thon at the wedding a couple of weeks ago. I remember that hung over fondly, I was almost normal the day after. This time around I’m still suffering the ill effects. On top of that my nose is a disgusting display of my inherited nose cold sore. Thanks Dad, that might be the best ive ever gotten from you.

Can you tell I feel a bit sorry for myself? We’ve also been out of warm water for three days so I have been splashing myself quickly while screaming in shock in the mornings. A way to wake up but make you feel slightly disgusting. Like you’re wrapped in a film och hung over grease sticking to your body.

Oh well, no more grumpy old man. Here are some dancy happy stuff instead.

 Some serious 90’s boy band hand there.

 You can certainly see why people came up and told us how great our dancing were.

 Not sure what he is up to but it looks a bit like a ‘girlfriend’ snap of the fingers.

I think im having a serious realization Ive snatched the sexiest man in there. Win!

Other stuff that was going on

As I told you this was a pretty slow weekend. Alternated between bed and going out for eating and dancing. Perfect really even if my skin has taken a turn for the worse after being confined to the inside.I also managed to get Ol go down with a cold after I had it. I feel fine now but he is home moaning in bed.

Oliver started reading Broderna Lejonhjarta. Not entirely uncomplicated. Lets say its not crystal clear who that Skorpan really is.

Flowers in Mirandas vase.

Red lips Saturday.

Very, very tired and itsy teeny bit hung over.

Not only an ant eater but also an amazing singer

I was not the only one documenting the shenanigans. Here are some pictures stolen from others (sometimes I wish everything could be black and white, it do clean away all sorts of blood shot eyes)

Benjie owning the bunny ears as well as the singing. Still remember when i heard him practicing in his room for his first karaoke a couple of years ago. Now he is a pro

The more the better. Why just have a wig when you can have a hat on your wig.

Grandpa Seb.

More awesomeness. Some of these tunes will haunt me in my nightmares forever.

Who knew Ol were going to love the common joy of karaoke so much. Not even he can pretend its even remotely high brow. I have found another guilty pleasure.

Laura en me getting seriously into it as well.

Making friends, using the old monkey technique of playing with hair.

Im happy to be called honorary cousin in this outstanding family.

The Best Cake Ever!

No words needed.

Fuck me, Im an ant eater

Saturday it was time for the big shabang. I started by staying in bed all day and then doing some yoga trying to get ready for all that song and dance.

Not sure anything can help you prepare for coming home at 5 in the morning. Other than years of practice. That we all have.

We met at Pizza East for dinner

Brought Robins bday gift. A Bad Ass Unicorn print that Miranda have done inspired by my birthday last year.

Ella and Laura were on good form.

So were those two boys. You could see mischief brewing in their eyes all evening.

Eric on the other hand claimed ‘sick’ (even if everyone were sure it was hung over)

Naughty Benjie in the background. Ol and him nailed the food. Needed since it was food enough to feed an army.

The kids from Sweden. Svennis and Viggo came over and were a bit subdued after their big night the evening before. But, it only took a couple of drinks and then there were good to go again. Old viking blood.

Kix holding a sweet speech to Robin. (Looks like no one is listening, maybe nthat is why I cant remember what she were saying)

Robin holding one back. Something about drinking I thnk.

Food! Good thing given the all night dancing that followed.

Clever Lisen and me. Around here things started to go downhill. (who am I kidding, I drank 4 drinks before even leaving the house trying to get Ben back on his feet after a big night before)

Bromance. Seb was filled of love for everyone and I got some much appreciated hugs. Love drunken happy people that shower you with hugs.

Ehrm. Someone was on good form at least. I think it was the yoga.


Lisen going for her best ‘Ill take over London one party at a time’ look. Im impressed, she is giving it a good go.

‘Wait, take a photo of us when we are looking like we are clever and thinking’. ‘Ok’

Ella coming with the awesome ant eater cake.

Fuck me, I am an ant eater. Bets cake ever.

So though everyone else and the social world got drowned in ant eater cake pictures.

There is a lot to inspect on a cake like that. ‘look, tiny ants’

Good cake as well, not just for show, even the inside was perfect. You are a magician Ella.

Cutie soon the be wedded couple in the corner. Seb looking slightly fuzzy around the edges. As you should when one of your best friends are turning the magic 30


At Korkers karaoke.  Nielse showed up looking dapper in suit putting the rest of us to shame.

Robin starting strong with Poison. In the bunny ears of course. It is karaoke after all.

Kix coming up to give him some support. What a duet, a match made in heaven killing that song together.

Ben found some hat. Fit him swelling.

Didn’t get to keep it for long. Eric found his look for the night. I think it suits him. Can see him at an after ski on some mountain village somewhere.

Carried by the boys. A dream of mine when I was little and twice as big as everyone else.

The cool kids hanging out front smoking. A bit like being back in school again

More singing. Two hours of pure magic.

Seriously going for it. I might not have a chair to stand on but signature move is there.

Ol and Benjie took over the mikes and wouldnt let go. I think I heard some Ice, Ice baby from their corner.

Aaaw, bunny ears for the win.

Not so much singing, more drinking.

This is planning for an after party. In between this and karaoke there have been about 3 hours of dancing, drinking, smoking and talking. Im glad we couldn’t get a cab to go after partying, I think I would have potentially died then.

Yesterday dont exist.

Bright lights, big city.

Monday again. If its something you know for sure is that it always come, even if you dont particularly feel like it. Like today.

Weekend was good. On Friday I took Ol out for bday dinner. We went to Grain Store on Granary square by Kings Cross and had their surprise menu. Loads of food but very, very good. For those of you Londoners looking for a not too expensive and very tasty restaurant making interesting taste combinations give it a try.

We were toying with the idea of going out up East afterwards but ended going home saving some energy for Robins bday. Good call given how tired I am today.

Very modern but looks nice in there.

Ol with his ‘re wine’. The closest he has gotten to drinking out of a wine glass in a long time.

Dish 3 and 4. Moussaka and leek and chanterelle salad.

Colour display on the square. We were so full we could barely stand.

Happy birthday Fodelsedagsrumpan

We went to the Corinne Day exhibition yesterday. ‘Everyone’ was there. Or at least i got told. I dont know who everyone is not being in the industry (as became very clear when people kept asking me what I did and looked at me with confused eyes when I answered mumbling some ‘oh, how interesting’ while clearly writing me off as a civilian* instantly).

I was happy, I got free booze and hang with some favourite people like Bendice (just made that up and love it), crazy accountant James (my tequila friend), Eddie and some other cool people. I also tried my best ‘put head on shoulder, squint eyes and look clever’ analysis of the picture with some industry dude saying things like ‘these picture have such an innocence to them’.

All in all pretty good for a tiny room with shit loads of people in. 

After exhibition we went to New World in Chinatown eating really good Dim Sum. Hard to know which one of all the red, gold places are worth visiting but this one definitely is.

Happy people. We actually had a really nice dinner even if it doesnt look like it here. We also decided to dress like Addams family for Halloween with Ben being cousin it.

This morning I celebrated Oliver who finally is turning 28 and back to being only 3 years younger again. I got him karelian pie and cinnamon bun for breakfast

as well as a pair of e tip gloves so he no longer need to use his nose for the phone in cold weather.

But the proper gift was a watch from the Swedish brand Tid. He had been lusting after it for a while and I think it looks really cool in him.

Oliver kept singing ‘fodelsedagsrumpan’ all morning so i think he was petty happy.

*civilian is the fashion name for non industry people. Very us and them. Well, I guess Im them.

An epic lunch

Ran off for lunch with Ol and family earlier thinking it would be a quick and easy affair. It wasnt but damn good. I can live with some heavy food come for this good food.

Londoners, another tip. Flat Iron on Beak Street. £10 for a steak. And mini cleavers to cut your food with.

Beef fat dripped popcorn.

A happy 28 year old. Finally we are back to only 3 years difference. I long for those months when I can feel less of a cradle snatcher.

Gifts (but more importantly, see the mini cleaver)

Pretty damn fucking good.

A look through the ages

One of the perks of having a blog is the way you can look back through the years and actually remembered what you’ve been up to.

So looking back at this day from the two last years i have:

Gone to NYC with my girls to celebrate Maggie. I left Ol behind for a week of fun in NYC. This year Maggie will have to settle with a FB message. But we did sing for her on Friday.

The year before that I started listening to Christmas songs on this day. This year im struggling to stay put. So far so good. Not sure how long I can fight it though.

This year I’m wearing a skirt and are heading up to meet Ol and his Dad for lunch at Flat iron. Boojah!

Where the wind blows

I took a walk home through Hyde Park. It was magical autumn light (spoken like a true photographers girlfriend) and me and about a 1000 other Londoners kept enjoying the evening.

Once home ass planted on the sofa munching away on Djungelvral. Maggie brought me 3 big bags. That will keep me happy for another week…

The serpentine. Since I gave up my gym card Ive taken to walk my 7k home at least 3 times a week. Way better than sweating in the gym (even if I miss dressing up in my neon awesomeness)

No too shabby to have this as your default walk.

Alexandra sending me a pic of little J in the outfit we gave her. What a little fashionista.