Bright lights lit up the sky

Walked home through London last night, it looked like a fairytale land. I love my late night walks through a candle lit London.

Once home I worked on all my creative projects I have got going for Christmas. Move over Holms family, here comes the Muntron 3000 and will blow all of your tiny minds with her creative master pieces.

Anyway, Going a bit mental staring at a computer screen but tomorrow im off to Rye for a long weekend. Woohoo.

I remember the smell of green and feel of bare legs

 Dancing on the table at the crayfish party.

 Looking for Chanterelles in the forest. I couldn’t find any. Instead I got lost, good thing Oliver found me before I got lost forever.

 Sunshine walk in my beloved forest.

 Our house

 Mum and me having super important conversations.

 Worlds cutest niece.

 Sanna and me a day at Rosendahl. We matched each other clothes wise, as we always do.

 Having a late night smoke and a beer.

 In a cafe in Soder.

 Picking up keys to Julias flat to do an in and out to get my dads tuxedo.

Walking in Observatorielunden.

Migraine and grapes

Had to leave work with a pretty nasty migraine yesterday. One of those that have you almost falling over and throw up. Not pretty.

I went to bed and slept for 4 hours trying to get rid of it. Kind of worked, now im pumped up on migraine pills.

Asked Ol to bring me fruits. Since he is the best boyfriend in the world he did. Everything you could ever wish for. I ate all the grapes in 20 min.

God Bless America

We are celebrating on US launch at work and the kitchen have been tranformed into an american fun park.

Fully fitted with snow cones and men in funny hats.

And popcorn. Love popcorn. Want a popcorn machine in my house.

The hot dog stand and girls in pretty dresses.

Pretty epic lunch.

Creating art

Im busy at the moment. I have my day job and my evening job. My evening job consists of being creative and create magic for Christmas.

One of my master pieces is an Advent Calendar for Oliver. Lats time I tried to do a calendar for someone was in 7th grade when I made one for Vivi. It was called ‘the mystery of the lost weirdo hat’ and was a story about my hat being stolen by someone in our class.

Strengthened by the perceived success of that work of art I decided to create one for Oliver.

I set out with very professional tools. A book for a ruler and my creative mind.

It was a good 5 hour work and in between I gathered strength from my newly purchased Christmas ornaments.

This is the shocking result! I had forgotten how utterly lacking of talent I am. When i presented this to Oliver he looked at it a bit like you look like the ugliest animal in the litter. With compassion and a little bit of OMG!

He did say ‘it is so very you, all sloppy and made in a rush. I love it’. I guess thats the true sign of someone who truly loves you…

Me, me, me

Kix and me on the way up to the market. See how excited we are. We are both Christmas junkies.

I ate about 250g dough this weekend. Felt sick (of course) but so worth it.

I also took sneaky pictures of myself behind our flowers. Im crazy like that.

Ziggy and me cuddling on the sofa. Quality time.

A very quiet weekend

It was one of those. A weekend when I got saved by the bell, didnt have to go out partying with a bunch of 21 year old (love Lisen but I felt like an old lady this weekend) and lived a very slow life. Like a turtle. A very slow one.

Saturday morning i went up and made Oliver and me oat scones. Lit the candles (on our weirdly altar like mantel piece)

and cut up the fruit.(see Sanna’s sunshine candle on the table. Make me think of her, Sunny Sunshine)

My master piece. There is something about the smell of newly made scones in the morning. Even Oliver jumped out of bed.

After breakfast we headed of for a long walk up to the swedish church and their yearly Christmas market. We took the ‘scenic route’ and stopped by this cute bookshop for some ‘ooohing and aaahing’

Kix and Robin got dragged along for this monster walk.

Finally we reached the place of our dreams. Us and most of the Swedish population in London. Never have so many fought over tea towels with dala horses before.

I used my elbows to get one of the last ginger bread doughs. (for eating of course, mum and dad have to bring some for baking when they come over)

Once home i pimped the flat with fairy lights. Showing it to oliver he admitted ‘I secretly love fairy lights, they are so cute’. I knew it!

Sunday Kix and me took a walk in Chiswick. Ziggy was happy since he could join and werent left behind.

We saw pretty trees and talked about Christmas and how to say no.

This little guy…

At Kix’s we watched Xfactor. I go to her for my dose of normal TV. That is forbidden in our house.

That perfect day ended with her making me spinach and broccoli soup. Another victory for Kix.

If my life were a comic

The new social app out there allows you to make your life to a comic. Hell yeah! Move over Nemi, here comes the new depressed, partying, often hung over, goth rocking super hero.

 This image is made by the app itself. I think it knows me…

It also knows Oliver very, very well…

But, you have to make some yourself and this is today’s epic high five. Because it IS Friday and im off to do absolutely nothing tonight. Woohoo, a 30 year olds dream.

There is a Saturday though and since we are celebrating Lisen for real I have a feeling my Sunday will look something like this…

IRL i look like this today. Boojah for dressy Friday.

When the small ones take over

It was mini Trollstedts Bday yesterday and we all went home to Kix for home made pizza and some passion fruit meringue deliciousness.

Kix and Robin got down and dirty with the pizza’s. Everyone praised Robins sausage, blue cheese monstrosity but I liked Kix’s Hawaii better (even if I hate that pizza)

Lisen was a, slightly tipsy, birthday angel. The eagle necklace she got on she go from me and other than that she was showered in gifts by her sister.

Ziggy was watching over us all (or the food, he was quick as a snake whenever something fell down on the floor)

The boys took over the pizza making. Would call it more ‘experimenting’. Some weird results.

Best gift was a Xmas package. I was well jell and Lisen went all cray cray over it.

Other than that Lisen tried to spike my coke and get all of us to go out and do shots, Sandra (almost) did her Instagram debut, Ziggy got a doggy advent calendar from me, we played the game bullshit that Marc aced and the others finished a couple of bottles of wine.

Excellent thursday.