When the small ones take over

It was mini Trollstedts Bday yesterday and we all went home to Kix for home made pizza and some passion fruit meringue deliciousness.

Kix and Robin got down and dirty with the pizza’s. Everyone praised Robins sausage, blue cheese monstrosity but I liked Kix’s Hawaii better (even if I hate that pizza)

Lisen was a, slightly tipsy, birthday angel. The eagle necklace she got on she go from me and other than that she was showered in gifts by her sister.

Ziggy was watching over us all (or the food, he was quick as a snake whenever something fell down on the floor)

The boys took over the pizza making. Would call it more ‘experimenting’. Some weird results.

Best gift was a Xmas package. I was well jell and Lisen went all cray cray over it.

Other than that Lisen tried to spike my coke and get all of us to go out and do shots, Sandra (almost) did her Instagram debut, Ziggy got a doggy advent calendar from me, we played the game bullshit that Marc aced and the others finished a couple of bottles of wine.

Excellent thursday.

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