A very quiet weekend

It was one of those. A weekend when I got saved by the bell, didnt have to go out partying with a bunch of 21 year old (love Lisen but I felt like an old lady this weekend) and lived a very slow life. Like a turtle. A very slow one.

Saturday morning i went up and made Oliver and me oat scones. Lit the candles (on our weirdly altar like mantel piece)

and cut up the fruit.(see Sanna’s sunshine candle on the table. Make me think of her, Sunny Sunshine)

My master piece. There is something about the smell of newly made scones in the morning. Even Oliver jumped out of bed.

After breakfast we headed of for a long walk up to the swedish church and their yearly Christmas market. We took the ‘scenic route’ and stopped by this cute bookshop for some ‘ooohing and aaahing’

Kix and Robin got dragged along for this monster walk.

Finally we reached the place of our dreams. Us and most of the Swedish population in London. Never have so many fought over tea towels with dala horses before.

I used my elbows to get one of the last ginger bread doughs. (for eating of course, mum and dad have to bring some for baking when they come over)

Once home i pimped the flat with fairy lights. Showing it to oliver he admitted ‘I secretly love fairy lights, they are so cute’. I knew it!

Sunday Kix and me took a walk in Chiswick. Ziggy was happy since he could join and werent left behind.

We saw pretty trees and talked about Christmas and how to say no.

This little guy…

At Kix’s we watched Xfactor. I go to her for my dose of normal TV. That is forbidden in our house.

That perfect day ended with her making me spinach and broccoli soup. Another victory for Kix.

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