Dressed for Success

Found these old pictures on Laxen’s FB and they made me laugh. What a year that was living in West Ken. Parties, hung over days in bed, dancing until the sun went up at Raffles, weird ‘mix all you can find’ dinner with the WKM family, Christmas decorations in form of red underwear in the window, new friends who saw us dancing from the street, drama, tears, heart break, love, friendship, all night dancing and a last refusal to grow up.

Its a bit like University, I dont want to go back to those years but I will always love it for being so much fun. I have definitely out grown it (well, at least the 3 parties a week dressed up i mini skirt’ fiestas) but I wouldn’t have missed them for anything even despite nights of crying on the floor heart broken, fights with friends and a never ending bone weariness.

It was also the place of some of my best memories with Kix, Elin, Tumpen, Laxen, Ben, Tom and everyone else that made that year magic.

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