I am such a muppet!

I forgot my phone at home safely tucked away by the bed on charge. Good thing I have a boyfriend that can get it to me before i fly off to Sweden. For ten days.

This post were supposed to show you all the pretty things I got from Ols family yesterday but no phone, no pics. You will have to visualize instead. Pretty dark candle holder with silver trees shining through, fig smelling body wash that make me want to eat me, a bling brollie and some (almost) salty liquorice (it was finnish and more minty)

And this morning my advent calendar had another bauble, some houses for my tree and loads of sweeties.

One spoiled lady.

We also saw Frozen yesterday. Best Disney movie in forever. Even oliver laughed and kind of enjoyed it. I wish I had kids so i had an excuse to see it again. Especially since they did some awesome musical numbers not to mention giving me my much missed snow.

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