Flickering lights and stars in my eyes

Christmas 2013 was lovely. Even if it was muddy and rainy and probably the worst weather ever it was also family time and yet another amazing week with all my relatives. Jossan and Annika are pregnant, kids were running around everywhere and we made perfect saffron buns. Cant get better than that!

 Maggie came down for dinner and quality time on the 22nd.

 We ate lojrom and watched Downtown Abbey. Quality time.

 It was grey. Oliver would have loved it. I made myself go out every day to keep the meatball sweats at bay.

 Mum and Dad came with me for most of the time.

 Dad picking moss for mum.

 He slightly overdid it as always.

 Evy and me made saffron buns and decided to start a bakery where we would bake for the whole world.

 Paola and Kalle came down in tome for enjoying our awesome saffron buns.

 As did the Uno and Greta.

 Greta cuddles up with my mum.

 Before the glogg on the 23rd we dressed the tree. Since little brother werent there Dad and me got the honour.


 Mum made her winter wonderland and all the small figures kept falling down.

 Christmas Eve breakfast.

 Most of the time we just chilled on the sofa watching numerous family movies.

 It was pretty cozy inside.

 Christmas dinner at the big house.

 We were 31 this year, new record.

 You are lucky to have a big house to be in then.

 Loads of kids to add to the magic.

 In wait for Santa.

 Some enjoyed the chocolate more than others.

 But all gets excited when Santa turns up.

 All the way from the north pole.

 After singing you win and get your gift! Ted was a bit nervous but did a great job.

 The youngest member. Little Isak wasnt afraid of Santa.

 Evy helped Greta get her gift.

 and Anna helped Michaela play the piano. It was a proper show from the kids.


 Handing out all the Christmas gifts. It was my job again. People were oddly calm this year and we were all home by 10.30

A little Christmas angel

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