Horses and mud, who knew that was such a great combination?

Christmas day might have been over but on the 26th the rest of the family came and I got to hang with the worlds best niece and nephew as well as get drunk with my sister and brother and their awesome additions to our family (even if Micke snuck off with the kids and never returned for ‘The Big Red Wine Extravaganza’. Clever guy)

 We did another set of gifts. Whoever said we give to much for Christmas dont know what they are talking about.

 Dad was the one responsible for the gifts.

 One happy Nisse. He got a star gazer,

 Little sister wants to help out.


 I got a jewellery box, a book and a robe. Win!

 This little guy might have been even happier than me though.

 Especially when he got ice cream.

Agnes was so proud she wasnt scared of Jacob any longer.

 Family drinking time.


 I was also there. Drank beer so didnt suffer that bad the day after,

Clever looking family.

 Agnes couldnt wait to go see the horses.

 Even if they looked slightly morose and lonely in all the grey.

 But Agnes didnt care and gave them sugars. They didnt want them but who cares when you get to pet a horse.

 Little Meja was so happy when she saw some other kids. She followed us around showing us her stables.

 Not too shabby.


 The horses just didnt want to play. It was too miserable even for them.

 Then we met the one horse standing in the stable and he was all friendly.

 One super happy Agnes.

 Then we found the one year olds and that was one friendly bunch.

 After all that horse drama there was time for chilling at home again.

Nisse painted killer zombies and life was pretty perfect.

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