Rest of the weekend

We did to other things over the weekend. Or well, until we got Woolly we did other things. Then he pretty much took over.

On Friday I went to drinks with work at Tiger Tiger and broke my non drinking with 1 beer (!). I felt so bad so i didnt finish it and didnt drink any more. Good work me. Then Ol and me met Bendice for Japanese in Soho. A very nice dinner spent talking about dogs and babies. Ol and me couldn’t agree. He wanted Woolly, I wanted a dachshund.

On Saturday morning he was so nervous and excited that someone else would have taken Woolly he ran out of the house and then acted like a teenager in love on the train. Look at that love struck smile.

After hanging w Woolly for an hour at Battersea, seeing the vet and getting talked through the kennel cough and his stitches we were sent off with a bag of food and our new dog.

It was a pretty, and a bit nervous, walk home. We didnt really know what he would be like but he was an absolute dream and walked happily between us all the way.

Proudly displaying his little bat ears.

Miranda bought his first gift for him. A squeeky ginger bread man. Very appropriate.

She came on both Saturday and Sunday which was good since we were a bit bored having to be confined to home for most of the time.

Sunday evening was spent watching Manga and sleeping. Could be worse.

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