This is fashion people

Since I am very poor (left over since we moved and that cost f**k load of money) Im not shopping any clothes for myself at the moment. Very boring. My sense of fashion have deteriorated and I found myself walking around i tights, no make up and scruffy hair the other day while walking Woolly.

I stopped with a jolt and realized Im slowly turning into that person. A dog owning, sweat pant wearing 30 something person. Oh my.

Now you might hope I will tell you about something cool and young Ive done or show you some new cool clothes so your faith in me is restored but no, instead this is a post about the fashionable things Ive bought for Woolly.

Double Oh my.

Matching lead and collar. Yes, both a long and a short one and they are in nice and supple leather. Fashionable.

Look at this wonder of good taste and style. Even matching our sofa. Good thing im not there to bring the overall look down.

My dream outfit for Woolly. Preferable matched with my Unicorn, space look or a matching piece for me.

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