Syster yster


My sister is coming tomorrow. Its like Peter Pans happy fairy dust. If I needed to think happy thoughts to fly this one would do it in an instant.

Her only dream is to buy a vintage leather jacket, my only dream is to dress up in nice clothes and have a drink with my lovely sister. And play with Woolly in the park of course, and talk about everything.

She got a wide array of awesome traits like being warm, caring, sweet, smart and loving but I must admit I love her a little bit extra for being so much fun. She has got the best sense of humor and there are always crazy things happening when she is around. All through my life she has always inspired me in that true sense of having FUN (yes, with capital letters) when you dont care what people think of you and your happiness is affecting everyone around you. My sister is the one who dances on an exes car in her high heels, who dances on a pole in a dingy pub in Norway, who gets a girl wanting to dance with her on the tube when she is dressed as superman who make everyone want to be exactly where she is because that is clearly where the party is.

Cant wait for the weekend to begin.

Tom Jones – Delilah

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