You tread on my heart with tiny paws covered in mud

This was a quiet, slow weekend spent mostly on walks in the sun. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Oliver got a last minute job and had to work all weekend. Wool and me sat on the sofa and read books (well, I read and Wool kept trying to get the best lap position)

On Saturday morning we took selfies to send to Ol and got ready for a long walk in the sun with Laura. We walked for 2 hours and talked about everything between heaven and earth. Best way to spend the day ever.

When done both Wool and me fell asleep on the sofa. Knackered after all that walking.

But, being a dog owner the walking never stops and we ventured out to Ravenscourt for another hour of chasing squirrels (Wool) and desperately shouting after my dog chasing squirrels (me).

Spring made the park look absolutely lovely. I looked longingly to throw myself in the daffodils like  a cheesy ad for hey fever and Wool looked longingly at all the squirrels/birds/leaves/papers on the other side of the fence.

Sunday morning. This monster waited until the alarm went off and then ran straight for his favourite place, between us in the bed.

Ol and me took him;;;wait for it…for ANOTHER walk. 2 hours of windy dog playing in the park. Since Wool is getting a bit naughty we now have to ran the other way or hide when he runs off so that he never know where we are. Im sure that made us look slightly demented but it was fun. Above was our reward when we got back.

Ol went off to work and I left Wool with Troxes. Being the two timing dog he is he quickly found new cuddle partners.

I on the other hand went to North to hang with Ben for his 30th. I downed 5 beers, caught up with my favourite fashion couples and ate my second red velvet cake for that day. Win!

Like a slap in the face I had to get up at 7 this morning to walk Wool in the park. We ran, we played, we almost rolled around in the mud. I was destroyed but oddly not hung over. Win!

Today’s tune: Years & Years – Traps

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