The Book of Mormon

Ol and me went to see Book of Mormon yesterday. It was the campest, gayest most amazing thing I have ever seen. Completely crazy. How else to describe something where the Afrikans sings about their aids and the Mormons decides that fucking frogs is how you get free from the disease.

I laughed, and smiled, and laughed some more and even Oliver looked like he was enjoying himself.

I must have collected loads of relationship points for Ol to finally take me to a musical after having proclaimed on the first time we met ‘that I could never date a girl who likes musicals’. Love Im telling you.

Definitely worth seeing for anyone loving a great, musical, crazy number of joy.

Oliver wore a shirt for date night.

I was so overly excited i twisted my ankle on the way down the stairs at work (the left one is a bit fatter) and had to hobble around for the rest of the night. Having slept on it, it feels a bit better now. Win!

A taste of the awesomness: Josh Gad – Hasa Diga Eebowai

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